Comic 236 - Tongue Twisters
22nd Apr 2013, 11:08 PM in Hunter's Moon
Tongue Twisters
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Some days I think you just need to be introduced to a Poison Monkey in order to like them. I love making up Poison Monkey names.
User comments:
Trying to figure out what starry-sky-hair is saying is tricky. "Heavy Fleet Interaction Task Force"...?
And oddly enough, diction is the difficulty at the moment.
"Interadiction"... I bet!
Sailors on shore leave.
[Don't ask us, we're from out of town!]
Well, on the positive side, our two "sailors" managed to recognize Next, so they're at least a little bit perceptive.

I wonder though, are they .. reliable ?
Maybe a little, genre-savy too ?

On a sidenote, I'm loving the eyes in the 5th panel, definately a bit of Neuro Linguistic Programming going on there.
I thought that was more like "Geez get it right ya dofus".
But can they perceive why kids like the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!?
Oh, right, turns out I can't count.
Aw, don't sweat it - And I do agree with you on the 6th panel btw. :)
Please don't resurrect the "o mighty" meme. I really don't like it.
Still, as Centcomm said, it is indeed a nice page as always.

I'm liking those two, they have already managed to show some personality, which makes me want to see more of them. :)

Also, he's fabulous looking, she seems more of a snarker. :D
I'm guessing he's quite popular with the ladies.
I wonder if that's a requirement ?
Yes! Is a very nice page. In other comment I was thinking more about dialogue, but it is a very pretty page -- I love these characters and the way they are drawn and designed, and the expressions. :)
Panel 3, she is peeking at them. He has his eyes closed. then other panel hers appear closed as well. Military training to have your eyes closed when saluting?
Ahh, some of the most likeable characters here are mundane, small-time spacemen with seemingly boring jobs. :P We need a LIDAR tech...

It took me a while to realise they're Cosmonaut family, and those weren't just their job descriptions. :P That is an awesome family name.
Maybe we need a female meat ball LIDAR tech in a small red dress ? :)
Kain Yusanagi
Is it me, or are they Russian accents? The "cosmonaut" really hits that stereotype home for me.
Could be, could be ... might be some german accent too, or swedish even.
Maybe a mix of russian/german/swedish ?

Maybe .. maybe they use a hungarian translation book ?
The Poison Tongue sounds like a cross between oldschool jazz, Norwegian, and a kind of Germany/Russian sound. I think I must have mentioned it before, because otherwise it's really unlikely you would have just randomly guessed so close!
I can remember no such thing, and I was just doing random guesses. Though a "jazz" language sounds pretty neat.

Ooorr ... you're trolling us in an attempt to make us search trough the archives for that comment.
Unrelated, I'm on a bit of a Monty Python binge right now .. see you in a few hours. XD

Edit :
On a sidenote, remember how you're in a bit of a rut and argued "but I don't have time for that" ? Well, I just ran across a commentary by John Cleese on creativity, it's worth a watch.
Something about boundaries of time and space strikes a chord in this, I think.