Comic 234 - Bump
19th Apr 2013, 10:17 PM in Hunter's Moon
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It'll be clear soon that most monkeys do not speak common very well.
Yes another area in which Iri is different than most.

Still, I wouldn't know how to react on that one either.
If you can't stun them with sincerity, baffle them with bullshit.
Size can make one careless.
Underestimation can leave one in a false position.

Edit: Never mind. Just watch where you put your feet!

humor exceeding capacity for self control, thrall of the felis catus!

Edit: lol, cattservant!
At least the Baramik doesn't have much toes to get compressed Poison Monkeys stuck between...
Toes or not, they can be weirded out by odd poison monkey behavior - Though I think the PM's are actually trying to apologize .. in some manner of sorts.

Now the Baramik just need a translator.
yeah I get the impression they didnt understand eather .. or they are about to turn him into a thin red mist...
Nah, they just want to play .. erh .. paint with watercolors, so they had to get the Baramik wet first ! :D
It sounds rather logical to me. Nose tells them to stay out of the way or he'll use force. Monkeys respond saying force is indeed the only way anyone will listen. This would lead me to believe that due to this they're going to break his face next page.
The one on the left, on the previous page, seemed to be wearing a sports bra type thing.
I'm glad I'm not the only one with some gender confusion here.

Last page I had decided the one in the blue jump suit is female and the other is probably female and just really muscular. I took a bit to decide on the second one though eventually going with the pink sandals as a gender queue. That's what's confusing though. I think PM on the right looks pretty masculine at this point, but his (her?) clothes make me think female.

Makes sense that human gender queues don't necessarily apply I suppose.
The poison tongue in panel 3 looks like someone prone with a boot at its back.

I'm guessing it means 'kick his ass'.