Comic 233 - Some New Folks
18th Apr 2013, 11:40 PM in Hunter's Moon
Some New Folks
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Author Notes:
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Do you have to pay speaking role rates if you can't understand what they're saying?
User comments:
In the first panel, I thought the one with the green afro was a tree at first.
I'd say yes as it is a form of language.
Is there any significance the one in blue has shark looking teeth?
4 dots her forehead. Hmm? Family (clan) markings? Maybe shark teeth are part of her clan image if true! Just like others have nose-tip dot. Iri has a nose line too.
Some of the Poison Monkey's seem to have a different insignia or tattoo, clan or Hunter markings maybe!
Odd Duck in Hoshigaki Kisames' family with the teeth maybe? xD
It's like the seventies shot themselves up with Human Growth Hormone lol