Comic 231 - Quiet
16th Apr 2013, 10:25 PM in Hunter's Moon
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User comments:
Even if he had heard Iri talk about intent, he couldn't avoid having it.

Inflight course change!

[There is going to be a train wreck at this rate!]
Poor train, it did nothing to derserve being wrecked.
Now that would be humiliating for him, getting spanked by bolts to show how unimpressed the other Hunter is.
To be more precise, View is showing her off, to show us what a proper Hunter is capable of, rather than the "weaksauce hunter" that is Iridium Lake.

That said, being able to shoot around corners is just mean.
True, but if I could shoot around corners, I'd show off.
I got hit by a car when I was a kid and put a huge dent in the hood. I pretty much looked like King first! Wait until all your body parts start oozing out!
Heh, the bloody eyes is a neat touch.
He's getting there, don't you worry.
Still really enjoying the impacts on the wall - They look cool. :)
Ow and double ow .. Thats gonna leave a MARK .. and weaksauce? dont let Iri hear that ^_^
I'd be more worried about her more rabid fans hearing that...
Got to say, you're getting pretty good with impact debris, but I do wonder if Dragon will live through your perfecting it view.
Haven't you noticed that he's in a red suit ?
He's our red-shirt mook.
I wonder if Iri is intentionally letting these two get beat up, knowing with her foresight that they'll survive in the end, in order to put a proper fear of fighting Hunters into them ahead of the main confrontation.

... Then again, given that this Hunter is supposed to be more competent than Iri, that may be an overly optimistic assumption. :P
Also I guess mal3 and Sheela may have realised this as a possibility three pages ago. :P I'm always late to these things! D:
Well, there was some conjecture as to why this may be happening, yeah.

But she may also have a different plan in there as well - One we haven't noticed yet.
Her foresight on this matter would be easily messed up by the fact that they are facing another hunter, so she can't really be sure they'll survive.