Comic 23 - Target
7th Aug 2012, 9:53 PM in Crash
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Author Notes:
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It is so much fun to design Poison Monkeys. I kinda just want to show their designs.

... Wait, wasn't I supposed to be doing something?

OH, a red fedora icon? Mhm...

I tried a few times, it sucked every time. I might try again later, or wait until he asks for a different icon.
User comments:
Slave girls! Sweet!
Errr.... At least I hope they are girls.
No, although even if they were they're not chosen for their humanlike beauty.
Hmmm, They are chained, so probably not body guards. At least, not of the physical kind. And they are not there for their beauty. So... Hmmmm. Telepaths? Possibly for reading the minds of people that come before the ruler?

Does the room have a domed skylight? Or is that simply a cool floor pattern?

I also really like your use of the negative space in todays comic panels to do the blood spatters.
They're slave guys.

Anyway, it has to be a floor pattern, because the light coming in the windows means it can't be from a skylight.
Well, that depends on how many suns the planet has :P

*whacks forehead* Gah! Did not read your first reply close enough "HUMANlike beauty". So they are simply sexy slaves. Oh well. I am curious to find out what new species you have cooked up for them though, even if they are not exotic attractive female aliens.
They're all from species the Akreisai find attractive. They are a spiny, exoskeletal bunch.
So those guys would look at the Aliens movies and think : mMmmm .. sexy. :)
I have a feeling the next few pages are going to be wicked awesome. I approve of sexy alien slaves as well. Even if I don't find them attractive its the thought that counts!
Smiles, this is a awesome page the last panel reminds me of a similar panel I did for mine.. but I bet this ends a lOT diffrently :D
More 'dirty foot tracks'!*

*(Perhaps an underlying principle of the viewniverse?)
So what exactly is Irri? An assassin? Merc? Space fed spec ops? So many questions!

Also prawns
Why am I thinking about lobster season? (!)

Oh, and trap doors too!
A hunter of course! :D

(I too am awaiting information on what this entails precisely but I imagine we're on our way to finding out)