Comic 229 - Hit
14th Apr 2013, 4:19 PM in Hunter's Moon
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High velocity bolts :-)
I hope he did not break his neck. looks like the helmet isn't breached (broken? punctured?).
Just Damn!
Now all they need is a train...

[An amazing 3D instantaneous freeze frame.]
Head wounds usually bleed quite a bit more than other wounds.
I suspect it to be motion lines rather than blood. Rather nice ones as well. They're based approximately on the sides of the visor and do well to depict a bend at the waist then at the head.

Usually you see an amateur depicting action lines on a straight curve line some chick flipping their hair back half-in/half-out of a pool.
As max said, we can tell the bolt didn't penetrate, but... ow. I think that's motion blur, not blood Meh, but who knows? Regardless, it's duck and cover time O.O
Wow, that moment of distraction probably saved him from needing a replacement head. I can practically hear Rhythm grumbling about the Fucking New Guy.
Is that external force, or a glancing blow? It looks like there's a debris trail from where rivet and helmet would have been, but that deflection seems to have still had a lot of force behind it. I imagine this is what Iri meant about distance not protecting them.

Also, I think the three subframes may be in reverse order, at least considering we typically read left to right, and he started out (from the page before) looking towards his left, not straight ahead.
So panels 1 thru 3 are what happened between panels 2 and 3 from the previous page.
What I like best about this is that Iri most likely saw this as the best possible future. Most other futures probably ended with the both of them dying horribly, rather than just a major concussion and possible brain damage.
Judging from the last panel, the bullet looks to be partially deflected, so I believe king will live.
I'm absolutely loving that impact on the wall by the rivet in the last frame - It looks awesome. :)
It was pretty complicated, actually. I used a lot of different simple techniques together.

So it didn't take too long, but it's not something I would have been able to do a hundred pages ago.
Its been so much fun watching you learn and refine your styles and techniques as the story goes along.
It is indeed nice to see the improvements. :)

You seem to have picked up a good intuitive use of light and shadow while coloring, which makes the shading even better.

I would say your main issue nowadays, is perspective when drawing stuff like .. cities or complicated machinery. Though that has improved as well.

Maybe that's for the next comic ?
Crap, now I see. She was aiming for his vizor, weakest point of the armor. Can't believe I missed that at first. I still say "ow" though.
Amusingly I just realized this myself. Had opened the page at a whim. Was looking at the top 3 panels while quite tired.

I think it's due to probability shadows and more importantly...Rythm wasn't thinking threatening thoughts. Her actions where very muted in comparison to Dragons...In fact. If she wasn't there...

Clever Iri. Happy to catch this before it was revealed later!

Also @ View. I'm one of those constant lurkers. I may adopt a name because I glance the comments so often. I wanted to say that I am continually impressed by your storytelling abilities. I'm pretty marveled by your ability to weave a troublesome trick like future sight into things. It's gotten to the point where I'll assume things are intended instead of an accident. Hopefully you understand why I felt it was worth mentioning.
Oh, you should definately register.

Having people follow a comic right and proper instead of just lurking, is more important to the artists than most realize.
I'm glad you like it.

Whether you register or not, you should use a name. I don't really like full-anon posts.