Comic 228 - Not Swordplay
12th Apr 2013, 10:52 PM in Hunter's Moon
Not Swordplay
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It's not her swordplay Iri worries about.
User comments:
And so dies Dargon King it seems.
Looks like she is reaching to pull him back. If not he's screwed.
Ah, but things don't always go according to plan, so I wonder if he will be able to keep it together ?
oops - kenitic kill device inbound better hope that armor holds >_<
It has more mass, and is more blunted than a standard bullet (especially if it has been flung heavy end forward). So I wouldn't be surprised if it has more of a knockback/knockout effect on Dragon, rather than managing to pierce his armour.
'Course, that depends on just how FAST it is going. Hard to tell. It almost looks like it may have turned molten... possibly from air friction, or due to Ashes powers?
Looks like it broke the sound barrier, due to the radial ripples around it. I think it's just motion blur and not going molten.
On a side note, I really like the shading and colouring of the backgrounds in today's page. More specifically, the changing angles of the lines. It really makes each panel look unique while still maintaining a consistent pallet and visual style.
So is Ashe the source of the blue grease or is she a new arrival to the planet? I suppose I can just wait and see.
Hmm .. that would depend .. was she there before the unity fleet arrived, or not ?
She'll push him out of the way. This is why Iri said to go with him, probably.