Comic 226 - Remedial
10th Apr 2013, 11:26 PM in Hunter's Moon
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User comments:
Shark's face in the last panel is priceless. Also, more on Iri not being an 'ideal' hunter.
Well, she *is* a fangirl of the whole Iridium Lake the Temple Hunter Mythos(tm) so getting something that wrong, must be somewhat frustrating.

Also, "Remedial Classes" doesn't sound very badass compared to Master Swordswoman !
Which, considering the Poison Monkeys penchant for trying to be cool, may be a bigger issue than it would be for us.
The movies might have been more accurate if they took the time to ask Iri about it.

...Or maybe just talk to her once. She didn't seem to be fully aware of it until recently.
They weren't too concerned with accuracy, and Iri was very hard to find.
I'm interested in when we're going to meet Otoni. There name is among all the other title characters in the extras section.
That was the smuggler from a long time ago. Actually, that was the same species as Ashes.
First time we met Otoni, and then here we found out that Otoni is a smuggler, though it was hinted at earlier with the dude that offered extraction services .. Service so good it's illegal!
So the Otoni and Maybex are only one time characters? :c Here I was hoping for more species to join the team
The "team" never forms. In fact, there's not a team right now, just a bunch of people who happen to be staying in the hotel together.

But the pirates and smugglers are going to show up again.
But, is Maybex alive? (And don't answer Maybex :P ) Is a question I have wondering ever since
giggles Love this page - we often find the heros are just people. this is a good reminder :D
Poor Shark, its like finding out Yoda actually taught Special Ed at the Jedi Temple, and that there was another reason why Luke got sent to learn from him...
Oh God, I almost snorted soda pop there ... BAD Psianogen ! XD

Edit :
Ohh, does that mean that Iri is actually a NURSE ?? ... Helooo Nurse. :D

Edit 2 :
I just remembered that Remedial does not necesarily have anything to do with peoples health - It could be classes that "fixes" something else, such as having failed a class for, say, swordsmanship, she could have a remedial class for that.
And since Iri mentions "all the remedial classes" she might be indicating that she failed several classes .. And view have mentioned that Iri isn't a *good* hunter as well ... humm .. Iri is a failure as a Hunter and have to attent remedial classses ?
Shark's awesome. And first thing I thought in the third panel, bigfoot's side job.