Comic 225 - What luck!
9th Apr 2013, 8:31 PM in Hunter's Moon
What luck!
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Just so everyone knows: I'm a pretty quiet author. Don't have a lot of outreach, don't leave many comments of my own.

But having a vocal audience has been invaluable, both in keeping me motivated and in pushing me to improve.

So here's a grungy, dark, indecipherable page as a big "thank you"!
User comments:
I'd like to give you a big "thank you" too, for making such an amazing story! Not just any author can create such a non-cliched and original space story. ^_^ I just wish my own audience was a little more vocal, but oh well. ^_^
Well, less than 1% of my readers leave comments, so it's mostly a matter of readership. Your comic doesn't have very many readers yet, so 1% of your readership is often a fraction.

I mean, you can boost commenting rates by doing things like contests or avatar giveaways, but if you don't have at least 100 regular readers, it's just not possible to get regular comments.
A quiet author, huh ?
Hah, nonsense, you posts updates so often you might as well be shoutin' !

We still love ya' though. :)
I like it - the page makes sense to me - ive been following you ever sense never mind the gap .. :D
Hear hear. I second.
Although I found "The Gap" after reading a little racier comic by view (under a pseudonym - I'll let view tell you)
I don't think he ever told us...

Was it Cheer, by chance?
Just what I wanted
Thank you!

[What's luck got to do with it!!!]
Oh what's love got to do, got to do with it ?
What's love but a second hand emotion ?
What's love got to do, got to do with it ?
Who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken ?

Well they associate.
I'm not sure if they are too compatible...

[BTW: Are you familiar with this?]
Hrm .. it doesn't ring a bell, but it looks pretty nifty, I think I shall go on an archive binge. XD

Edit :
Ohh, I recognize that author's avatar ! :D
Fair warning: There are 948 pages in the archive (so far)!
pfft, as if that would deter me.

Edit :
Done, archive binge completed - Achievement Get ! :)
Pfft, nonsense - The art was good, no eyedrops required. :)
I'm not much for commenting myself. But I do enjoy your work and hope you will continue submitting further to our enjoyment.
Thank You