Comic 224 - Descent
8th Apr 2013, 11:38 PM in Hunter's Moon
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This was another annoying page. Hm.
User comments:
Lots of characters.

Initially the central panel also had characters, but I ended up doing the layers wrong and couldn't pull it off.
Ah, it's one of those "this would look cool" thing, that we as viewers never get to see, because it didn't meet your own expectations, right ?

On a sidenote - Do we finally get to learn more about the poison monkey clan/family structure ? :)
Another sidenote - Last panel, the person in the green shirt between the zombie and the elephant man, seems to have .. hair ? What kinda freak is that ?
Ah ok, *whew* - it's just tentacles, huh ?
Man, I just thought he was a freak.
The feeds are bidirectional it seems...

[Our heroes aren't exactly inconspicuous.]
Kinda makes sense - If someone is going to watch the feeds and maybe offer advice, it works best if they can hear that person. XD

Now I'm wondering who the third person that shark is talking about is.
Agreed, but Iri didn't have to leave her end open.

[Perhaps Next?]
I think View mentioned something to the effect that Next have not chosen a clan yet.
Like, he could choose to join a clan named sunday, so he could end up as "Next Sunday" or something like that. :)

Edit : Ah, here it is, in the comments.
Oh, so Next is a Lake now ?
Next Lake ? :D

Or do you just mean they used to run together when they were younger ?
I have the impression that Next is somewhat younger than the ladies.
Iri is older, but the other two are the same age. They hung out when they were kids, back before Iri offed Next's mom. At that point she was kicked off the planet and made to join the Temple.
Something about a volcano wasn't there?
Every insight branches two or three new ramifications!
Out of curiosity, what sort of lifespans do they have ?
I'm guessing about the same as humans, but I could be wrong.

And does it hold true for all the races ?

... "and in other news, a horrifying murder found place on the internet. The body of a young artist was found savaged by doggy bitemarks made by his monitor. The police is mystified, they don't know how this is even remotely possible!"
... "in related news, another man barely survived being strangled by his own computer mouse, the police mentioned that all he says is 'yes' and 'barking madness' before drifting off into unconciousness."

Edit :
Some say it even made it to the evening news !
I aim to please !
Alternatively, I aim to maim .. with monitors. :D

The cherry on top of it all, was that the last panel featured a monitor, just sitting there .. chillin' .. and obviously plotting new and exciting ways to kill you !
It's interesting then that Iri wasn't an hunter yet when she killed Next's mom. Then again, she did make swordy-sword when she was still a child IIRC, so she was at least somewhat aware of her abilities.
So is Next also a Lake? I didn't think he was one from what we've seen and heard about him. I'm really intetested in this relation between Iri-Next-Shark. Always love your relations since they're done so lovely. Excited to see how it goes. Also very happy you decided to include Shark in the story after all. Since I remember you saying before that you weren't sure if she would even show up.
Yeah - Also happy that Shark got included in the story.

But that's the advantage of making a pulp story to begin with, you have freedom to add even odd additions to the story, and it'll still fit. :)