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7th Apr 2013, 8:00 PM in Hunter's Moon
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TvTropes now has a page for Space Pulp!

Also: That last panel must have been fun to draw. :P
Both panels were kind of fun to draw.

Just as a note for anyone who might get the wrong idea - I don't edit TV Tropes and didn't put up my own pages.
It was meee, mwahaha. (In terms of starting this one, I mean.)

... I hope that is okay.
Your reputation has gained enough mass that it is preceding you...
I'm always happy to see any kind of fan content. Community is cool.

Fan content? Audience content? I dunno. Stuff people make about stuff I made.

I just remember someone "called me out" because they thought I created the Never Mind the Gap page, so I thought I'd make it clear.
Ah, I'm guessing that he comment sections are part of this too then ?
The comment section may be alive, but it is a little known fact that all of the commenters are completely braindead - Zombies, in fact !
Typing out posts by smashing their heads into the keyboard and posting

"dfghkldfihg" :)
I tried doing that, but all they ever wanted was bellyrubs and tuna.

What detracted me from my kitty-typing shenanigans, was the flurry of angry claws and teeth. I found them most unpleasant. :(
Hair wasn't a problem, since I always shave my pussies.
That just makes them harder to hold.
And it also makes them inefficient, as they roll around on the keyboard, making lots of typos.
Might work, might work.
Alternatively sedate the bastards.
It's interesting that people like the second panel best, since it took only a few minutes.
its how well you did the anatomy .. it seriously rocks box...
Multi-angle views is indeed pretty cool. :)

But be warned, just like lensflares, they must be used cautiously!!
I'm interested with what's happening between Iri and Shark. :3
Obviously, Next is Iri's BoyFriend, and Shark is Iri's GirlToy.

And yes, that was a shameless reference to Cheer.
(that comic is very, very NSFW btw)
I've read it. I'm not new to View's work