Comic 221 - There goes my plan
4th Apr 2013, 11:43 PM in Hunter's Moon
There goes my plan
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User comments:
I love Shark on this page. You did her very lovely.
Always love Shark. With the focus on her in the past few weeks she's definitely become my favorite cutie.
Doesn't hurt that it's easy to empathize with her.
Also, Sharks eyes are kinda kinda striking on this page.

On a sidenote - The television chatter is funny "The planet smells of cigarettes and h***." :D
He he, say, that does work quite nicely as an avatar. :)
Movement without motion.
Feeling without emotion.

[Good background information contrast. PMs get no respect!]
Being snubbed of a rebuttal,
even before you make it.
Shark is exactly where she wants to be. :)

It's funny that Iri hunts wanna-be goddesses, when she herself is almost worshipped as one.
Maybe she's just that much of an Alpha, and Shark is that much of a Beta.
Knowing the best place to put your head isn't being a beta. She isn't competing with Iri.