6th Aug 2012, 10:24 PM in Crash
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At least two quite different types of Hacking going on here!
There are simple lessons here:
1. don't put chips into simple weapons systems
2. when you do, have a manual override...
3. train your soldier in hand-to-hand, so when all else fails you can use your gun as a club!

@ view: This is not a critique of your comic, it is a trend that I'm seeing in the world militaries to ignore these axioms. So I would fully expect this kind of thing (as portrayed in the above flashback) in some quickly formed and poorly trained SciFi army.
Well, he definitely wouldn't have stood a chance in hand to hand, even if he had time to really react.

It's so easy to misimplement things. I mean, what are the chances that your military satellite network will mysteriously vanish?
Pretty good actually... The Chinese tested a decade ago a pop-up anti low orbit satellite system that was nothing but a screen of ball-bearings... worked like a charm. The US had a ground laser anti sat system two decades ago... it also worked like a charm!
In this case the attack came from the opposite direction.

My point is that a common mistake is to overestimate the security of your information infrastructure, especially when your primary enemies are insurgents, not an opposing organized military.
I'm really digging the swooshy sword lines. It gives it a very visceral... slicey... swooshy feel. Eh, I already used swooshy. Anyways, I like it.
I've been polishing them. Still a ways to go, but they have a solid feel.

Of course, she's not exactly swinging a hunk of metal. Vipvipvip
Yeah, it feels QUICK. Like what you could do if a fencing foil could actually cut things. Very elegant. Especially with that last pose.
I'm enjoying the sword effects too. I think it's especially neat how the sword seems to follow her hand rather than being dragged by it in panel 2. I'm not sure if that was intentional but it really adds to the feeling that the sword is a projection of energy rather than a conventional object.
"Now ain't now yet". I love that line.
This is why I hate DRM. There you are at work, minding your own business, then all your stuff goes dark because someone did a quarter-assed job with their DRM implementation. So now you can't get anything done, your boss is breathing down your neck and there is a homicidal poison monkey running about gutting everyone.
That happens ALL THE TIME to me. It's such bullshit, and there's never a blood-grade mop around after.
Never played it. I did play... one of the reaaaalllly old ones.
I keep trying to play MGS4 myself but just never can finish it. Not sure why. I guess it just can't live up to its predecessor. There can only be one Metal Gear Solid 3. That was a hell of a game. You would like it, view.
This page gives the term "Hack and slash" a new meaning.

This is the old meaning:
Yeah, I hear that the upcoming version of Syndicate will have a good deal of hacking your enemies as well.

Haven't seen a lot of games with hacking in them. Most recent one I played was E.Y.E : Divine Cybermancy. It was pretty cool to hack a person and have him attack his friends. :)
Is this song being preformed by Queen, or perhaps someone trying to sound like Queen?

Is this in response to the folks who might have complained about having trouble realizing flashbacks were happening in your previous comic?
This reminds me of the "Guns of the Patriots" incident.