Comic 219 - Done!
2nd Apr 2013, 10:34 PM in Hunter's Moon
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User comments:
Thoughtfully thought thoughts you'd think...

[Great lighting!]
All those thoghts ... and they all turned to porn.
That's what she was thinking of all the time, how to make the greatest porn of all time !!

The battle with the Slavemaster was just a sidethought .. and it was added to theGreatest Porn of All Time(tm) as a bit of light S&M where she wears a dominatrix suit and a whip. XD
Page looks great, love the shading, your style of illustration has got to be one of my favourites.

Keep being awesome :)
So Iri has been following the different futures all this time?
She's got a bandage specifically to show she wasn't!
Or maybe she was, only too far ahead?
It has been a long hard day View, thank you for this page. It made me smile man.
You say "Done!" but I'd say closer to well done or overcooked. I wonder how long before she regains her former levels of tan.

Also makes me wonder how tolerant the PM species is to solar radiation, and generally wonder just what their homeworld is like.
Bet their homeworld is covered in smog since they all smoke so much. Ha!
I really really love this page. Everything about it. I just...really do for some reason.
Was all that thinking to create probability shadows and "psychic static" against the hunters?