Comic 218 - Montage10
2nd Apr 2013, 12:28 AM in Hunter's Moon
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Montage ovah!

This page took a lot of time.
User comments:
Where do ayata's glasses come from?

also, sad to see Iri got hurt.
I'm pretty sure the goggles are from the infomercial earlier in the montage.
Yeah, now her eyes won't freeze in space - And they were only 10 credits !

... Ayata is totally an impulse buyer, isn't she ?
Distracted = Impacted (!)

[No frozen eyeballs around here thank you!!!]
I notice white-glowy stuff on Iri's hands and feet when she attacks. Swordy-hand is that you?
Nah, I just need to make it clear she's hitting stuff.
I'm thinking the glowy bit is a telekinetic pad, as it can also be seen under her foot when shes standing on Dragon's head, and when shes blocking Rhythm's step forward. I think a way to distribute force, so she doesn't accidentally injure her sparing partners.

Love the grope of distraction, totally took the fight out of Rhythm.

I am wondering about Dragon managing to hit her, did he get lucky, or did Iri take one for the team to give him some confidence?
Yeah, that's it!

Actually, I wanted this page to make it clear that Iri's not invulnerable.
rainbows 1701
Ah, I was thinking that she had made the tradeoff and decided taht the boob grab was worth some head bonkings.
A better hunter would have been able to slip in a constant stream of groping until their opponents collapsed in a fit of giggles and surprised yelps. Which means that somewhere among the ranks of subjugated hunters is the lewd Yoda of future sight.
Woohoo! I guessed right for once!
Heh, is Iri trying to give Dragon King a thumbs up in the second to last panel ?