Comic 217 - Montage9
31st Mar 2013, 8:25 PM in Hunter's Moon
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I cut about 9 pages out of this montage, so it ends tomorrow.
User comments:

*(Many of us would be glad to look at those nine out-takes.)
Heh, he hasn't actually drawn them. They got cut before production.
Having said that, I am curious as to what got cut.
Cheesecake can be unintentional ?

Dang, the military masterminds are even more baffled than they were before!
Ayata, in all of her petite glory~! Also, Shark seems to really, REALLY like Iri. . . which I'm curious about. If they're both "Lake," then doesn't that mean they're related. . .? I can't remember if you've already explained that or not.
They're voluntary clans. You don't get a clan name until you join one.

... I should make that clear in the comic, though, or people might think they're related.
Is Shark still doing an interview with Iri in that first frame ?
And a lot of training to go trough as well.

I've even heard rumors of a montage ... but ... nahh, couldn't possibly be true. :D
Looked more to me like she was shooing them away for more private time.
Misinterpreted shooing as following and walking towards and walking across. Ergo, I thought Shark was propositioning the crew, being denied, and then heading for Iri as second best.
The Poison Monkey homework is a very naked place I imagine. And it quickly rubs off on everyone around them.

Course I think nudity is irrelevant to Ayata and Jagi.....uh...well having the coloring of a black hole makes it not matter what he's doing lol
It's true, on Jagi clothing would reveal more features, not less :P
Damn, now that you have put that thought in my head, I really want to see Jagi in some clothes. lol.
Sounds like your describing Mr Peanut.

There. Jagi in clothes. Because I cant figure out the code on this website
These characters are very shameless when it comes to nudity. exact opposite of realities prudeness