Comic 216 - Montaaaaaage8
30th Mar 2013, 1:23 AM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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Sorry this was late.

... I can't seem to draw these pages without these cheesecake shots. I dunno, it's not even intentional framing.
User comments:
Is Dragon massively outclassed by RR and Iri, or is he doing something wrong?

Admittedly I'm no expert, but that seems an awfully awkward kick to catch a professional with.
It's her way of looking down on him.

Of course, one of his big problems is that he's really easily distracted by tits.
Hmm .. how can you aim cheesecake ?

Military masterminds wants to know, they see much potential in aimed Cheesecake. :)
Yeah, I am also getting that vibe with Dragon here. Poor guy just seems to be the spare tire of the group. He is there and does give input, but seldom useful.
Poor Dragon, the Omega of the pack.
I listen to your heart! It's telling you more cheesecake! (Or not, I'm happy either way)
Personally I don't think this is unreasonably gratuitous.

If the scene would make perfect sense with everyone clothed, and they just happen to not-be, then I don't think I consider it cheesecake.

Everyone's actions here make perfect sense, admittedly a show-off kick, but no-one's going out of their way to setup a pose.
I didn't place it until this set to the tune of kung-foo fighting?!?!?
Heh, I used the "final countdown" for it.

Besides ... it's an 80's hair band. :)
Y'know, back when boys had longer hair than the girls ?