Comic 215 - Montage7
28th Mar 2013, 10:16 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Iri looks kinda bored. I think she'd rather do whatever she was doing yesterpage.
Iri thought Rhythm looked a little too relaxed and decided to bounce her out of her nap, and show Dragon why she doesn't need boxing lessons?
He wanted to learn from her, not teach her. But basically, yeah.
Ahhh, and what she knows, she can't teach him? Poor Dragon, there goes his plans of being a precognitive boxer.
That hmm, hmm, hmm... reminds me of the crash dummies song xD
That was dumb, and more than a little pointless of him.
If you were sharing a house with Bruce Lee for a month, wouldn't you ask to spar with him?
Dear God no ... I can barely handle the most basic of stances without hurting myself.

I'm a regular streetbrawler if anything, no fancy martial arts or nuthin', thank you very much.
NO! I LIKE my bits attached and working! I WOULD quietly arrange for every door to door salesman in the city to visit though. Free demonstrations AND a public service!
Spar with Bruce Lee? Hmmm! Once to say I did. After that, self preservation would kick in.
"I got thrown into a pool by Bruce Lee! Hell yeah! ... that's enough."
Try just about anything once. I may be crazy but I'm not stupid! (Damn! Forgot to sign in before) How do you offset when replying to an above post?
EEEvil ?

Just how long has Iri been planning this ?
Also, she had another hairdo and name back then, didn't she ?
So are these sorts of reads Iri uses in a fight considered "fast shallow" events? And if so is Iri able to read them because she's just that good (famous for a reason) or because they become easier to see as the event gets closer?

Or am I just asking really random questions?
Not that it'll ever come up in comic, but "shallow" means that the effect doesn't last long enough or is not noticeable enough to change your condition much.

So bullets are pretty deep, but sparring in boxing gloves is shallow as hell. So you can only see these sorts of events if you're good and they're really close.
Since Kax blocked the snipers bullet like it was nothing, I'm guessing he's better at reading "nearby" events than Iri - And that the opposite might also hold true ? ie. that Iri is very good at reading far away events ?
So, if Dragon didn't stand around so long before making up his mind, would he have fared any better?