Comic 214 - Fight fight
27th Mar 2013, 11:00 PM in Hunter's Moon
Fight fight
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Oh, nasty. Are the asteroids being launched at the ships or the planet surface? That seems an extreme response. Moving up from "sustained genocide campaign" to "kill everything right now." I guess Unity doesn't doesn't want the good guys to have whatever it was trying to take from Carix.
Well, I left it vague because it's not a critical plot point, but Unity are accelerating asteroids at the planet. The SF ships are intercepting them.
Hmmmm, are the people of Carix being processed to distill that gene-specific neurotoxin?
Frozen eyeballs. Sounds. . . . . very, very unpleasant. And judging from Ayata's reaction (assuming she's making that face at frozen eyeballs), I'd say my assumption's correct.
Ayata's day goes from bad to worse.
Well, the asteroids were intercepted, so it's not that bad.
Still, it doesn't seem to make her relaxed .. she's likely to have a restless night, and not in a good way either.

Coincidentially, things freeze pretty slowly in a vacuum, because a vacuum is a pretty good insulator - Hence why we use it in windows.

Yes, deep space *is* very cold, but you wouldn't flashfreeze out there - The vacuum is much worse, but worst of all is the lack of oxygen.
Three things.

1) Water (such as saliva and tears) flash-boils in a vacuum. Your eyes wouldn't freeze, per se, but they would be badly damaged in very short order. Close your eyes if you get tossed into a vacuum, kids!

2) It's an informercial.

3) It's Space Pulp!
True, true.

That actually makes me curious, are there any races in this universe that could survive in deep space without a suit ?
(for either short or long periods)
They can all probably manage for short periods lasting about as long as humans, or perhaps longer with appropriate genetic modification, but it's such a dramatically different environment that it seems highly doubtful that there are any naturally able.

Unless there's a specific branch of the ancients tree of life that forced evolution to allow for survival on poor atmosphere bodies -- places like Mars that might support bio-engineered habitation.
Typo in the 4th panel. "Fight fight".

I love Ayatas expression in the last panel.
She had an Important Meeting, so she got dressed and combed her hair. It won't last.
Speaking of hair, there really don't seem to be many descendants of the ancients WITH hair. At least, not as much as the poison monkeys flaunt.
Not only that, but the other races don't seem to be impressed about the hair either.

Well ... a few might be impressed.