Comic 213 - Montage5
26th Mar 2013, 11:16 PM in Hunter's Moon
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This is gonna go on for a while.
User comments:
Aw, Next getting cockblocked ... on the other side, it's nice to see Shark again - And she's as pretty as ever. :)

As for Iri, she sure has a lot of thinking to do. I mean, most of her other plans seemed to be done almost on the run, or with just a short planning phase ... this one however is gonna be a humdinger of a plan.
I almost feel sorry for her enemies ... almost.

I wonder though, is she just using "brute force" methods again, or is it a bit more elegant this time around ? Not that there's anything wrong with brute force, it usually have the advantage of being awfully hard to stop if you are on the receiving end.

And also ... what happened to the two unity soldiers in the sewers? Y'know the lucky ones ? the reliable ones ? Kax's favorite cybers ?
Oh and don't worry about it going on for a while, we're enjoying it. :)
The two escaped soldiers haven't gone unnoticed...
Haven't gone unnoticed ... by the policeforce, or by Iri ? :)
I actually like your montages .. and the art.. *swoon*
Looking at how drastic the differences is between the very first comic pages with Iri and how well shaded and colored she is now, I'd say that View is definately getting better by a long mile. :)
Oh hey ... I'd have you know, that I rather like the frizzy hair you draw, it's good. :)
When the montage is over, I'm going to record the song I've been making up in my head for it!
Ha ha ha... don't stick too close to my meter, I haven't been trying to stick to one.
Nah, Shark is actually interviewing her. Next is just horny.
View.....what are you doing.... view.... stahp... NO i like the couple as it stands please don't break them up.
No way they're breaking up, but he is kind of a horndog.
Well, he is a young sexually active hormonal male ... those only come in horndog variants.
About two thirds of my gfs would do the same thing to me when I meditated after work to cool off. There's just something about a guy trying to trance out that compels a woman to throw her tits in your face.
The only respectable thing to be in life is a horndog! But I like how she just like...stops him. He's very accepting, a tame horndog.
I think she cares for Next, but as a Hunter she has priorities and devious things to think about. Can't be all croquet and barbecue.
Cigarettes that stay lit in heavy rain. Smoker's paradise.
Betcha they're laced with magnesium (among other things) so they re-ignite like trick candles if they're not carefully extinguished.
They're "medicinal", so they're built to go out instantly when they reach the filter, and not until then. That's "one dose".

Even though your inhalation habits affect the dosage way more than whether you snuff it out early.