Comic 212 - Montage4
25th Mar 2013, 11:15 PM in Hunter's Moon
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I've gotten a lot of requests from people who want my help with their projects recently, so I thought I'd just give everyone my general advice.

If you're just starting out, you don't need my help. You just need experience, and you get that by putting out stuff. Even if it sucks, just the act of putting stuff up where people can see it will train you up quick.

Participating in a community is great. ComicFury (my host) has a small but vibrant community, so you could participate there and trade comments with various other people who are just starting out.

If you're an artist looking for a writer, hit up the forums and you'll get a million offers.

If you're a writer looking for an artist, you are shit outta luck. Learn to art.

2D art like this is not what I would recommend, actually. There's tons of really good 3D art tools floating around, and 3D skills are roughly 909.3 times more marketable than 2D stuff.

The learning curve is about as long either way, just bite the bullet and put out crappy stuff for five years. Then you'll suddenly be putting out good stuff.
User comments:
Great advice for creatives in any field! I can't draw at all, so I do 3D rendering, and all my visual art skills improve, bit by bit, as I go. Doesn't hurt that I make a living as a musician, so I understand the process. There's nothing better than time and practice!
A lot of people want to hit the ground running, but that's just not how it works.
Awesome advice! I have often thought of starting my own webcomic, but that whole "actually doing stuff" thing is what gets in me way. Maybe I'll wait for the next edition of Google Glass, which presumably will be able to read my vague thoughts and turn them directly into comics on the internet.

Also, hooray for the Carix! Really, who could ever hurt the adorable critters. :( I am still sad Aya didn't go with "mini-giraffes", though.
The technical name is Carix. It's not the name she chose.
Oh wow, that's one happy Ayata.
I'm wondering what the "mixed blessing" is all about though ?
Also, how will her next set of negotiations go on Naragog ?
Maybe she suddenly have lots of elephant men backing her up ?
I think it's a "mixed blessing" because no-one likes the Poison Monkeys. :P
Tick and tock.
Chase the clock!
Before run,
Try the walk.
actually as a 3d artist I totally agree with you and 2d isnt bad eather.. but a lot of people fall prey to the oh i can point click and done and think its good. you need at least a decent understanding of 2d as well ..( I have a cg comic on CF ) but Views avatar is so cute I adores it :D ive been working on mine for 7 years now..
Sustained genocide campaign? When did that happen, and how bad is it?
Ayata did mention in one of the early pages that Unity bombarded her planet from orbit to bring them into submission, and that they might do it again if they rebelled... Maybe that's what happened? Or maybe Unity was just slowly killing the Carix off to have the whole planet to themselves, or cutting them up for cybernetic experiments, or to try and turn them into more cyborg troopers. :(
Does it make me a cynic that I assumed that (the use of the word genocide) was political spin put on the general subjugation of the population? I just thought the poison monkeys and Ayata would likely play up just how bad the occupation was in order to ensure military intervention was clearly justifiable.
I suspect it's a bit of Column A and a bit of Column B.
"Just bite the bullet and put out crappy stuff for five years. Then you'll suddenly be putting out good stuff."

Best advice ever given for anything ever. Ever. Also applies to music, software programming, and every sport in existence.
I think there's a missing preposition in panel 1, wouldn't it be 'in the Carix system'?