Comic 211 - Montage3
24th Mar 2013, 7:11 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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I didn't intend for this to be quite such a giant showcase of Riot, but I kept tweaking the camera angle to show the pool party. The only ones that worked were all these high angles.

So, um, cheesecake.
User comments:
Of COURSE this is a training montage. They're training for the celebration AFTER they defeat the Slavemaster and all that other stuff.
Atya is probably right at home :D and someone is doing a shadow dragon impression :D
too much clothing. And the snorkel does not show any signs of smoke :-)

I like the montages so far :-)
No training perhaps, but they're on track for Party Time for sure!
Sure its a training montage, you just can't hear "Eye of the Tiger" on the stereo.
Check the last 2 pages, Iri has been thinking this whole time.
Of course Jagi with his carbon nanotube-ish skin would feel right in home in water. Of course if his skin has carbon nanotube properties then he would have to be very hefty to float normally like that. This also implies that Jagi is built like a miniature tank. A perfect sidekick for Iri.
I managed to catch up to your newest stuff View. Love your work! Totally made a fan out of me! Also, Iri has a lot to think about, possibilities to forsee, a particle displacement sword to stare at... etc.
Man, Iri can't ever seem to lighten up, it seems. Always foreseeing some possible futures. Granted she was thinking about the Slavemaster, but still.
Maybe that's just how her face is.

She could be seeing something awesome and just be like "Huh, be nice if that happened."

Or maybe she's seeing something unexpected and is like "Would not have predicted that."

Or maybe she's seeing the pool party devolve into an orgy and thinking "Wow, is that all it would take?"
Is Pinkie missing a finger...or just giving some sublte hints to Riot in the form of a three-finger shocker?
Ok. I both adore Iri here and Riot's little glance towards the viewer in the last panel. Unless I am seeing things. but I think imagining a glance there is the best.
I gotta agree with ya. She's definitely looking at the viewer.
Love Jagi's fangirl being there.
BBQ, Breasts, Beer... I wish my backyard even remotely resembled this scene. :P
Also, did Dragon shave his head?
I forgot to color him!

I'll fix it before I upload the next page.
Meh...I'll give you a fistbump anyway.