Comic 210 - Montage2
22nd Mar 2013, 9:50 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Some of you may want to comment on how this page really isn't very montagelike.

I, um, I know.
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"... Ommm?"
lol .. I wonder what Ayata will get out of it.

Ah well, at least she doesn't have glowing eyes.
Would be funny if Ayata reaches Enlightenment, and that turns out to be the whole reason Unity invaded her world was to prevent that.
Hrm - The whole enlightenment thing might be a bit much ... buuut ... she might think about something that Iri could use in her plan.

And that could be a real problem for Unity, because Iri tends to make the most of her plans.
Me either, but she would make a very cute little blue Buddha. And a lot nicer to contemplate...
This made my day slightly better. (In addition to space pulp obviously.)
Oh heck ... contemplation classes would suddenly be way more popular. XD
Two little birdies sitting on a wire...

[A few more birdies and it will be quite montagious!]
I have to say, this is less cliffhangerish than your usual friday page.
I don't do them on purpose, it just kinda works out that way.
Don't worry, montages tend to repeat themselves with subtle changes to show progression, there will likely be more croquet coming up as long as it follows that formula.
outfit errors? one page she was naked, the next pink sports and panties, then the next a pink babydoll top and black panties. all in one morning. (possibly)
It was her croquet getup. This is the meditating getup.
I'm changing her clothes on purpose. To show you that time is passing. Because, during a montage, time passes.
Obviously she is exploring timelines. Small, fast, shallow events appear to require impact of slow deep events to be visible. They might also become visible over iterations.

Still waiting to see someone send a croquet ball to oblivion by standing on their own ball to rap the opponents away!(Typical hillbilly rules, screw the opponents! Interfere as much as possible while still progressing towards the goal.)

The full contact occurs when not everybody knows how hillbilly rules work.

Hmm ... using many iterations to dig up stuff like solar flares ?
I like that, it has the whole brute force feel to it, that Iri seems to favor.
Ayata's curious and adorable as always. Well done!
Sorry, gotta say it. But I don't think I would mind living in a universe where public nudity is accepted. -cough-
Well .. as long as all the women are young and nubile ...
Ayata always brings a smile to my face.