Comic 21 - FLASHBACK
5th Aug 2012, 6:11 PM in Crash
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Whoa-yow, it's a flashback!
User comments:
...So, let me get this straight: this isn't a flashback. Yep, I think I got it. :D
This is that artistic technique where the author refers to a previously unseen episode in order to enhance the reader's understanding of the current narrative isn't it?

*(Really reals!)
Todays comic is subtle too ... like a shotgun to the face! :D
Snicker-Snack with a Snickersnee in deed!!

All that is missing is a Heavy Metal audio file!
Good thing no one is trying to use their guns to shoot at her.

Might ruin the flashback.
Originally I ranted, but let me summarize:


Show some patience, or at least some respect. This is a disrespectful comment that assumes that I would forget about the guns I've been carefully and continuously drawing in every fucking panel.

Worse, since the next page starts with them trying to shoot her, this commenter may get the idea he has provided some service and forced me to address this LOOMING ISSUE.

Very irritating. You didn't change anything except my mood.

And put a name on your comments. I'm not nearly as upset when someone respects me enough to put a name on their comment.

Tomorrow's page features them trying to shoot at her. This has nothing to do with your disrespectful and pathetic comment, as it was planned out far in advance of your whining.
Undead H3r3tic
So what you're saying is that they might shoot at her in the near future?

With guns?

Guh, this is so complicated!
The text looks nice. And the blood. They compliment each other well. And Iri is lookiiiiiiiing goooood with the short, short hair. Mmm hmm.
I do too! I mean, I love the texture and uniqueness of Iri's full head of hair. But I have a personal weakness for close cropped hair. Just something about easy access to the neck and earlobes for kissing and nibbling. Sigh...
If you tried to kiss her neck, she's stab you through the face.

Earlobes are okay, though.
Yeah. I love short hair. Just love it. Of any kind pretty much, doesn't have to be this close to really drive me crazy. I'm sure Iri would stab me if I just looked at her though. That's basically how it works with me.
I think you all broke View a little on the last page... <.<

Anyway. I almost never comment but always love your work. Enjoying Space Pulp very much - thanks!
How funny...

Until I saw your comment it didn't occur to me that between my name and (as view pointed out) the fact I'm a ginger I fit the subject matter pretty well :P

I created the name back when I was reading NMtG to make a comment or two at some point.. but yes, I do happen to like this comic!
Speculation is only surpassed by Commenteering around here-ing!
I apologize if my comments on the previous page seemed like whining, or attacking. That was certainly not my intention. I just jot down my impressions when I look at a page. Sometimes it can be useful feedback, other-times not so much. And apparently sometimes it is outright stupid. Ah well, that's life. So, if my comments where some of the ones that so upset you, I apologize.

Also, in case I have not made this clear before, I have great respect for you and your artistic talents. I read dozens of webcomics. Penny Arcade, Girl Genius, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Goblins, Looking for Group, Peter is the Wolf, etc. And OF THEM ALL, yours are far and away my favourites. The only comic that even comes close to you in my opinion is Girl Genius. And that has at least 3 people working on it full time (A writer, an inker, and a colourist) and only comes out 3 times a week. And you manage to outshine them on a DAILY BASIS, as only ONE PERSON, in your SPARE TIME!

Previously in Cheer, and Never Mind the Gap, you have shown an amazing ability to tell a heartfelt and complete story. Characters, even minor ones, seem to come alive in your hands. You have an amazing grasp of expressions and body language that I have never seen in another webcomic. Not to mention the amazing depth you breath into your worlds and characters with your great little aside comments.

And now that you are tackling colour in Space Pulp, you are exhibiting an absolutely amazing eye for atmospheric lighting and shadow. Something I can never recall seeing another web artist do to anywhere near the extent or aesthetic you seem to be just pulling off with minimal effort.

So, if any of my future comments seem to be whining or attack you. Take them with a grain of salt, and know that it was not my intention to do so. I will simply be trying in my own (albeit poor) way to give constructive criticism, and general feed back on what I consider to be the best damn comics on the web, by the best damn artist.

Oh, and tongue in cheek and 4th wall breaking though the text in todays strip is. I really like the style you did for the font.
Also, I think todays strip marks the 1st time you have done blood in one of your comics? Well, anything bigger than a nosebleed anyway, I think.
It's really not a case of any one comment.

I release a lot of content. As View, and as other personas outside of the webcomic realm. In the past week, every piece of content has gotten a comment complaining about it. It's not something that makes me look forward to creating things.

So it's not that you're at fault. It's that a lot of drops add up to a flood.

But the anonymous commenter on this page? That's a dick comment. That would have been a dick comment even without the others.

By the way, this is why I don't go out seeking an audience. I don't like having big audiences, because if a good commenter has a 1% chance of leaving a dick comment on accident, then having 100 commenters means I'm probably gonna get a dick comment no matter what.
Well we may not all criticise in a helpful manner all of the time but we still love ya. It does suck when people piss on your work everywhere but most of us still quite look forward to anything and everything you put out. I know I might criticize a lot but I really do just want to help. Give feedback good and bad because I do care. I never mean to upset you, I'm just kinda thick headed at times since my mind is in 200 places at once usually.

I suppose I get why sometimes its not a bad thing to have a quiet audience as long as you know they're still there viewing things.
I expect the dick commentators on this webcomic are going to be rather flaccid for quite some time now!
I don't want them to shut up, I just want them to stop whining.
I am sorry to hear it was such a crappy week for you. With any luck, next week will be better. And if not, just let me know if there is anything I can do.
Tuesday was full moon. That tends to make all kinds of things float to the surface...
Todays page made me laugh ... it's almost like View is trying to drop a hint on us !

Still, thanks for the laugh. :)
Well, I needed a clear way to make the transitions, and I thought "why not an eighties' hair band singing them?"
Nice ninja on those guards, i'm just trying to think if this the first time i've actually seen you do large blood effects, hmm... at any rate it looks great as usual. The feet on the guards look rather bizarre, alien hooves methinks.
You have a weak point depicting flashback. Not an easy thing without something cheesy like tunnel vision, clouds, color hue changes...I struggled with following it in NMG. This as a color comic you have more options. Heck, you don't even fill the whole field with the images. Lots of possibilities.

Relying on haircuts can be ambiguous because readers think it may be a different character. It works, but it can still confuse.


I am bothered by her bulbous schnoz in the bottom right corner, and looked at other iterations of her nose.

in pgs 2 and 3 you establish the nose is a slightly different pigmentation than the rest of her face, and carry on with that. Her nose is also slightly wider, as if other than Caucasian, possibly African (no problem there)
in 6, 9, 10, her nose is much more Caucasian
11,12, 17, 18, it is flatter, upturned, and somewhat gorilla or orangutan with smaller nostrils. (seems this suits her very well)

@pkrankow: Ms. Lake is a member of the species Helex Primans a.k.a. Poison Monkeys. There are no humans in this viewniverse.
Also, I've had epicly bad visual consistency since... forever.
You mean it's not an excess of artistic energies? I just can't believe that!
I always thought it came from excessive facepalming. :)
I dunno
This is probably a trick to lure us into a false sense of security
The (almost) fitting song for this page:
I had never heard that song, but it does seem to be what's running through Iri's head, at least.
Question, does her blade flow with sudden motion as in it gives a little when in use or are you trying to give the feeling of motion to the way she is swinging the sword? Statements, all that smoking can't be good for her lungs or the equivalent thereof. Holy shit, she is slaughtering them!... Whatever race those soldiers are.. who are they?
Undead H3r3tic
I totally sang this in a Tenacious D style vocal in my head.

It was awesome.
Question, what music style is it suppose to be in?
Did anyone else imagine this page to the tune of a 70's cop drama theme?
Still waiting for a storyline.

Escaped convict, I get that part. Also the looks of a rebellion against something.
But that's as for as I get it.
Nice. It helps if you move your head out of your ass. These aren't the four page long "learn how to read" picture books from kindergarten.
21st page of a new comic. Good point in the story to speculate about the direction of the plot. I'm thinking this flashback involves 'Mr. Pitch Black Pilot' at some point. There is a lot of background info in the Author Notes and Comments of this comic so far.
(And Space!)

Just Action and Emotion,
Sharp Swords and Butts in Motion!
There is a basic plot. And I'm not sure how one doesn't see it or where its going at least. Unless they choose to be a prick.
@view: A bit of speculation*; In reference to pkrankow's discussion of Ms. Iridium's nose. I notice the color difference is most pronounced when she is physically or emotionally exerted. Could this be a general physical trait of the Helex Primans? Like Humans blushing perhaps?

*(If you are so inclined this evening.)
"It's a motha-fuckin flashback bitches!"

View, my loove for your work increased tenfold from this one single page. No joke, this made me grin like the Joker! I love the gratuitous blood, love the action stance you're taking with this comic! Stay strong dude, there are assholes everywhere.
Jesse is right !

AFAIK, every person is born with an asshole, but it's up to them wether they will be shoving it into everyone elses faces.
Was there ever a tune to those lyrics because I really want to listen to that as an actual song.