Comic 209 - Montage1
21st Mar 2013, 10:24 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Author Notes:
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I hope y'all'r ready for a monnnntage

with extra music!

Originally it was going to be minigolf, but I decided on croquet.
User comments:
A little sideways is good for the soul, mon(tage). Especially if you might be croq(uet) soon!
Oh my gosh a comment of mine helped influence the comic :o

Also I see Jagi's one-night stand lasted more than one night.
Hehehe, that is good comedy! Though now I have the narrator for one of those wildlife shows saying:
"Here we see the Poison Monkeys celebrating their victory in their traditional manner, Croquet. Originally, they would play it on the battle field, with the heads of their defeated enemies. Today, they use regulation balls and enjoy tea."
Oooooooo, Iri's eyes are all glowy, I take it she's power using? either that or she's staring into the sun...
Jagi must be having a hell of a time with the heat because of his perfect light absorbing skin. That would explain the lack of Jagi for awhile as he spends all his time indoors where it's nice and cool and there's no star flares giving him unsuffereable increases in body temperature. I suspect his blackness is a Black Body material to be that non reflective and black. This means he's effectivel radar proof and equipped with perfect urban warfare camouflage. If the black body material is carbon nanotubes then he would also be an incredibly tough dude.

Just imagine touching him? It's probably like touching a heating pad. A warmer than normal penis for his biggest fan?
So will this actually play to the tune of "Montage"?
A montage! As predicted.

Oh and Jagi fangirl is there, maybe we'll get a name for her.
A nice and tranquil scene, nice, soothing and quiet enough to be perfect for "need to think a lot" persons.