Comic 208 - Is it time for a
20th Mar 2013, 10:19 PM in Hunter's Moon
Is it time for a
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Evil cityscapes...
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Damn. This page must have taken you a while. Looks good though. Iri seems to be missing her booty though =P
I think I see a croquet set, or some space variation of it... Either way, I have a hard time imagining Iri playing it.
It is time for a... CROQUET TOURNAMENT! The only way to defeat the Slavemaster is to challenge it to a croquet-off! Of course.
I have to admit, that WOULD make for an awesome and unexpected twist. :D
Hmm ... I didn't notice the croquet stuff on the ground in the last frame the first time I read todays strip.

Edit :

Oh, just had a lovely idea that involved using stargates as croquet gates, the slavemasters army at one end and Iri and a loooovely asteroid at the other end ... hammering along at silly speeds - And really, what would be the chance of it hitting squarely in the middle of the stargate that Iri is nearby ? :D

Heck, just imagine the prank call Iri could make for the slavemaster ?
"I'm sending an ambassador trough to negotiate your surrender."

Ahh - A team america style montage ?
And then .. 27 minutes later ...

"Did all that just happen?"
"Oh heck no, that would be wayy too expensive, we have a budget y'know?"
"oh ... damn."
Motherfucking flashback to the time when the Hunter's were taken by the Slavemaster?
Ooh, is it a flashback? Please tell me its a flashback! The last one was so awesome and slashy, strangly, and stabby!

Of all the human sports to catch on with the galaxy at large I never expected it be croquet or that Poison Monkeys enjoy playing it. How many other uniquely human things have caught on?
It must be a case of parallel evolution and infinite possibility!
I'm sure all sorts of human stuff is reveered across the galaxies.

Lets make some up !

-one planet worships humans ability to pollute their own planet and not give a fuck about it.
-Another has gone nuts about our punk rock culture, offcourse they have natural mohawks, so maybe it's not so strange.
-A species of kittens plan to dominate humans weakness for fluffy things, this is their ambassador!
-Planet of Nascar, 'nuff said.
Planet Nascar's populace only invents space flight in order to create a ring for their planet, composed of perpetually circling racers.
LOL, good one.

Navigator to pilot : "Ok now - Go left .. a lot." :D
A Nascar planet? Well I'm a huge fan of Redline and that sounds pretty cool.
Maybe it's a half-lost cultural memory of some ancient war in which an omnicidal race of robots used weapons and bombs that look a lot like croquet equipment to try and wipe out much of the galaxy? :P