Comic 206 - Worries
18th Mar 2013, 10:45 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Agreed, View makes good frizzy hair. :)

Maybe he should design a character with frizzy hair ?
Poor Iri, she needs a hug, but all she has is rape face Next.
cant wait for the next page. this one is confusing :-)
I think that so far Kax' weakness has been that the Slavemaster is not great at gathering good intel for him, or actually putting him to optimal use. One gets the sense the Slavemaster is very powerful, but isn't actually great at knowing how to use its resources effectively. :P If it weren't for the fact that the *last* story was the one about robots, I'd guess that the Slavemaster is a not-quite-human-level AI -- very good at juggling many things at once, but bad at being particularly creative, clever, or intellectually thorough when it comes to any one of them... In any case, surely Iri will find some new way to trick it with unexpectedness. :)
Think I remember View describing Unity as a particularly inept and corrupt version of the Borg.
I don't remember saying that, but it's pretty close to correct.
Hmm. Original-flavour hive-mind Borg, or First Contact-flavour Queen-ruled Borg? :P

(Ooh, I found the Borg reference: It's under Page 4:

cattservant: Is Unity a multi-species culture or a 'master race' type one?

view: Oh, it's very inclusive.

cattservant: Borgish?

view: If the borg were corrupt and stupid, yeah.)
Dude. The most badass woman you know look terrified. You don't take the time to ask what's wrong. You arm yourself. Start with a side arm, work up to a battle fleet, then mobalize everything you can. Continue escalating until she either tells you it's ok, in which case you can stop escalating. If she says "it's not enough", run. Screaming. Incoherently. And hope there is time for one last lay before you die horribly.

On a different note, love the way you did the expressions here view. Iri's look gives me chills.
Frizzy hair, naked. Must have just gotten out of the shower.

I've had showers like that. The ones that depress you and make you sit in the corner.
This makes me wonder, actually... how many hunters are out there?
Iri's insecurities are showing. She has been betting/bluffing large as far as us mundanes are concerned, but she had a pretty strong 'secret' weapon in her future sight, and probably no small amount of luck.
Now she is going against the MASTERS of her particular skill set, ALL of whom were taken ALIVE by Unity, and SHE never finished her training. Plus all the 'fighting vs. family' things. AND Unity, while not the smartest, does have alot of inertia and resources to throw around. They could probably ignore her and still conquer the galaxy (basically Unity still seems like the unstoppable force, and Iri is only one person and she does not feel like an immovable object).
There's an old saying that gooes "little strokes fell great oaks" ... and since she knows exactly to place those strokes, she may have a chance.

Though admittedly, it must be quite intimidating for her.
Kain Yusanagi
Not to orget that they must have been her mentors, her family, when she was still training, effectively. And now she has to fight, to kill, them... Things like that never sit well unless you're psychopathic to the extreme.