Comic 205 - Interview
17th Mar 2013, 6:08 PM in Hunter's Moon
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Tomorrow: Back to full color! The stop off at sketchy was fun but temporary.
User comments:
Maybe a problem with lighting in my room or something like that, now it looks again normal.
Hehe, who knew daytime tv could be so informative :)
Standing around looking at the hole in the ocean where the ship went down...
I agree with Seafog. A talk show that is actually informative instead of purely sensational? View, just what reality are you from? Can I join you?
Less a talkshow, and more the evening news, I suspect.
It's the Naragog version of a news show, which is a lot more like a talk show than our news shows.
It's the advanced talk show of THE FUTURE! Probably needs Space Magic to really explain it, though. :P
Enemy military fleet on lockdown.

Let's bring some of them on a show for a nice interview!!
It just struck me, that an event like this, is just going to make Iri even *more* famous.
The movie industry will be pleased, I am sure. X)

Edit : On a sidenote, the Salu Salu is pretty cute in panel 7, empathy ftw.
Yaaay, a Burbic captain! The Burbic are awesome. :D

Also, yay for the Exposition Show! I was still confused about the lack of a space battle until now...
Cool with the return of the psyker and with the talkshow to tie up some loose ends.
A little bit hard to believe a captain would say "In terms of firepower, I guess we have more" though.
Oh right, he's a burbic and those are notoriously kinda stupid. Still, it seems a very imprecise and open statement for a military captain to make in public.
This is more a space police captain, but even so, they picked the one most likely to speak without thinking.
Good point. I also have a feeling that while a Burbic might be a very good space police captain, they probably rarely become good at navigating the political landscape: Watching what they say, only speaking as professionals in public, etc. A good choice to invite to you show :P
I've always thought Burbics were ugly and that's a good looking Burbic. Is this one of those situations where the more you're around something the more used to it you become?

Anyway personal question: What form of entertainment are Burbics best known for? Notoriously stupid or not I bet they have a creative streak.
Dunno, I rather thought Burbics were cute from the getgo, aside from strakh of course, who is a disfigured ranting mass of ugly.
You can tell one of them is only there to look cute. The other is probably there to be informative and look cute to elephant people.