Comic 200 - Quietly
14th Mar 2013, 10:34 PM in Star
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Whew, long chapter.

Iri doesn't talk much because she knows that she could simply be in a potential future. Never say anything that you aren't okay with your enemy having always known.
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Yeah, It's inconvenient when the Bad Guys have the script and You don't!
Yea, the last page had my thinking about this very problem along with this very solution. As in, if you KNOW there are other psychers out there that can manipulate potential futures, could you decide ahead of time how you would react to a situation to either purposely mislead them or at the very least reduce the amount of information they could get from you? Apparently you can!
It's called trolling ... it goes well with the trolling face that Iri so proudly displays. :)
If that was how it was it would be easy. The way it is is that you both have the script, and both have edit rights.
Well, guess I was wrong about Kax's swordy-sword. I thought the design implied he could project 2 blades, one out of each end.
But this also made me think. Since the hilt is inert, does someone actually need a hilt at all?
And you thought lightsaber training would be heavy on the safety training, swordy-swords seem like such training would be even more imperative.
Some of this stuff is making me think I'm missing something about what powers people have and can have. Then again, maybe I'm just tired.
My interpretation - and it could easily be wrong - is that the same basic principal is at work when Iri lights a cigarette with her fingertip or ignites (for lack of a better word) swordy-sword.

If this is the case I imagine a beginner would have a hard time even materializing (there's a better word) their blade, let alone dropping it or throwing it. I dunno though... I might be making things up.

Edit: And View, you're amazing for putting this so succinctly. Very pithy,

"Never say anything that you aren't okay with your enemy having always known."
The hilt might just be a catalyst (either psychological or physical), or be there to have something convenient enough that you don't accidentally chop your hand off.

Or maybe it's just because that makes space magic look cooler.
I don't suppose anyone has ever seen YuYu Hakusho?
There's a character named Kuwobara who can make a sword with his mind out of energy.
Late in the series someone gives him the hilt of a once powerful sword or something along those lines.
With the hilt in hand his energy sword becomes even more powerful.
It's could be that channeling his energy through a powerful artifact is what made the change or it could just be that having the physical relic in his hand helps him to channel his energy better psychologically.
I suspect the hilt is an object of focus for the hunters.
Congratulations on officially 200 pages. Whoa, it seems just yesterday that this thing started, but I guess it does go that fast with about 6 pages a week.
Holy shit it has been 200 pages!

Also, I forgot to commemorate my own 1 year anniversary last week.
I registered after having been a reader for a bit already 1 year and one week ago!
It seems like just yesterday Jim was having flashbacks of Mary jumping on his butt with her dirty feet as he worked on some wiring in a wall panel.
Oooh .. grats to View on cranking out 200 more pages. :)

Also, what a pace to do it at - We all love it!

Poor Kax.

I should reread the bulk of this chapter when I get moment, I think. Cause I think I get it but I'm not sure. That's what I get for being so entertained by Iri's bow tie every page!
Iri's face in that middle panel... Something about it just makes it impossible to look away. This may be her creepiest face tot date. O_O

Also, Kax's restraints look interesting. Is that special for psychers, or do the police use that kind of stuff for everyone?
This is the military, not the police. :)
Although I see the restraints as being toward the high end of such devices, I didn't get a 'special purpose' vibe off of them.
They're just standard "strong" constraints. This place has elephant-man criminals, so they need a bit more than binding tape.
"You forgot to actually threaten us, Hunter."
"And that should worry you worse than any threat."
"Yeah, and doesn't that just scare you to death." :)
Iri can look surprisingly wicked for a person with a bow tie.
Iri is looking impossibly cute there in the middle panel. I applaud Next's good taste in older women.
Phuji beat me to the Kuwabara thing. Holy shit this comic has been flying. Like, damn. And it feels like we've barely gotten through the opening exposition. There is so much left to see.
Yeah, once View gets into his stride, it seems time just flies by.

I think .. I think .... noo wait, thinking might be bad.
Screw it, I think it might be time for View to add a paypal button for us to throw money at every now and then. Every little bit helps.
Can't you claim it as a gift to avoid that?

...though I wouldn't be averse to having an Iridium Lake Movie t-shirt.
oooohhh ... hadn't thought of taxes .. can't you just bribe them ?
Been there. In New Zealand, the best fun are GST, with lots of paperwork, and ACC, which assumes that I did a full year of whatever kind of work.
That was actually about as threatening as you can get. A simple translation would be "You don't understand me. You don't know how to predict my actions. You don't know how to counter the actions you know about. You also cannot predict my reactions to your actions."

NOT an enemy I want.
True, it was indeed a threat, though a bit of an odd one.