Comic 2 - System Space
28th Jun 2012, 2:32 AM in Crash
System Space
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Bit off too much. Freeform panels are not easy.
User comments:
Boy color does add another dimension. Really shows that color and black and white each have special aspects about them.
It's a work in progress.
No Anti-Gravity. Her ship too small or is there none at all?
"At all"...
Doesn't look too well at that.
Does her own hair too, I think.
So far so good. You've caught my eye with this one view, I'm a sucker for anything having to do anything at all with space.
Ooh, how addicted are we ?

Like, David Weber, "Path of the Fury" kinda stuff, or movies ?
I think I'm going to enjoy this comic. Can't wait to see where you'll go with it. Bring on the space!
So wait..she's in an emergency pod...presumably with a limited air supply..and she's smoking? I like her already XD
They must have excellent filters in the future, and, what is she smoking anyway?
neat comic ! and yes I agree, shes a neat charcter so far :) love the color !
I like the lose style...looks like it should be animated.
@view: An impertinent question; Once NMtG closes out, are you going to colorize your Icon for SP?
My hot dog with fangs?

I'm thinking a space helmet.
What if you reversed the colors? That would look futuristic!
Just don't mess with the hand and pencil. They look so...evil somehow. Plotting, conniving. Ready to make drawings that control the masses.
Zero g smoking, got to love it.
Bad ideas tend to be the most satisfying, provided you don't blow up.
I wonder what put her in the pod. She doesn't seemed phased by much. Listening to music w/ snarky commentary, for instance. I wonder if we get a flashback soon.
That "please wait" panel is one of my favorite in the whole comic.