Comic 198 - Elephant Mechs
12th Mar 2013, 10:50 PM in Star
Elephant Mechs
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Some of you may have been wondering where the military was.
User comments:
Oh, Iri's got the tiger by the tail now, don't worry.
The thing about tiger tails is knowing which way is the wrong way before you rub it...
Holding a Tiger by it's tail, is all all very nice,
..but you're still holding on to a Tiger, full of teeth and claws.

Now .. if it was a cute little doggie on the other hand, you might get eskimo kisses and lickings all over your face. :)
Was the military intervention made easier by the Unity ships getting taken out by that solar flare, or were they going to arrive anyway? O:
... I think people may be underestimating how long it takes to travel. These things were fired at least half an hour ago (although they can steer themselves until the last minute).
Thats why they should drop from orbital depot, not from a ground launch.

Ow, wait: that would be my first target when my invasion fleet arrives :-D
Was Kax' invasion kind of self-foiling? D: I mean, Iri didn't really have to do anything (except send Aya out of harm's way) -- Kax got fried by the solar flare, and then the military arrived...
Yeah. The big thing was to keep the peace until the flare could disable his fleet.
Hehehe, so all Iri had to do was kill some time until she needed to look cool? Her powers certainly are awesome!
Wait, is she lighting the cigarette with her finger? o_O Maybe it's just perspective though.
Why are you surprised? Every cig she's lit has been with her finger.
Actually, wouldn't that be inconsistant with how swordy-sword has been assessed to work?
No, it does generate some heat to displace molecules directly on top of other molecules. It's just not plasma-beam level heat.
I probably haven't realized until now View
Those mechs look sexy. I love them.
I like that we get to see them in several stages of deployment. :D
I like em too, and I agree with Meh.Aloe, showing the several stages of deployment at once is a nice touch.