Comic 197 - Meanwhile at the Plot
11th Mar 2013, 10:44 PM in Star
Meanwhile at the Plot
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Not really happy with this page, but I'm not happy with any page with Kax on it.
User comments:
Wait, what? This raises a LOT of questions, to say the very least...
It sure does. Kax seems to be in a complicated position. I wonder if he's under some sort of cyber-mind-control, or what.
My bet is on the skull thing. His expression changes from sad to happy when it pops up again...

And his soldiers have some interesting electronics if they can reboot so fast. Are they back on default setings or can they reboot to the state they were in before the sloar flare EMP?
I agree, it must be the small floaty skull of evil! Or, whatever dark force it represents / is the avatar of. It has taken over all the hunters, but for some reason could not see Iri! D: That is why the Temple fell! Possibly.
I wouldn't call it a twist so much as the fact that there is a plot at all.
I pretty sure Iri has a joker layin' around somewere. A black one that is.
Ah yes, I was wondering where Jagi was.

Offcourse, it could also refer to the Gub, or maybe even the couch. :)
Iri saw something in the blue grease a long time ago leading up to this point!?
Ooh, now that is interesting! No wonder the Poison Monkeys turned her into a cultural icon\ambassador, shes the Hunter that stayed loyal to the SF! And explains why the Hunters are no longer SF government employees.

Now I'm wondering if the reason "It" couldn't see her was do to her being a PM or something more personal. Also if Kax is getting ready to commit suicide via Iri, as he just disarmed himself.

Off to re-read it from the beginning for the third time, to see if any of this had been foreshadowed yet.
My current theory has to do with the scene with the neurotoxin "everyone is related"...except PM's maybe?

Also, View, I have to say the last two pages are amazing. This little glimpse into the overarching plot gives me goosebumps each time I re-read them. Can't wait to get deeper into this story.
Mine too, just wondering if there were any other PM Hunters. View has compared her with Shepard, a batshit insane one though. So she may have been the first PM hunter.
Heh. Funnily enough, my FemShep was a batshit insane redhead as well.

Great minds think alike, I suppose. :)
I'm glad you like the pages, although I don't think they are quite as amazing as you do.

The Poison Monkeys are very new. There's been no other Poison Monkey hunters because the time between the PMs joining the Star Federation and the Temple closing was a matter of a few years.
Interesting, that does support the idea that PM's are different from the others to some degree - And whatever that took over the other hunters don't affect her.
Hmm, so it could easily be either something specific to her, or her species. If they think that PMs are immune to what ever took over the other Hunters, that explains Next's plan to rebuild and staff the Temple.
Nah, Next really doesn't do stuff like that. He's rebuilding the Temple because he thought Iri might like it.
Ahhh, flowers and candy were over done in PM culture? And Iri can get her own heads on plates?
Well if their homeworld is irradiated, flowers might be hard to pull off...
Maybe their flowers are *really* aggressive, and try to eat your face when you sniff them.

Not a good thing when trying to impress a girl.
HMMMMM With the stiffening of his body I'm assuming something is reasserting control of Kax? Interesting indeed.
Hmm, I wonder if this is a telepathic control, or something working through control of cybernetics.
I would guess on the latter.
Maybe Kax has three little ports under his popped up collar too ?
This sort of reminds me in a tiny way of Tobias S. Buckel's scifi series of books. Probably just because it dealt with highly-skilled yet loony individuals vs. mind controlling conspiracies. There's probably other books that have that vague co-relation.
I think it got deleted when you moved the species info pages over to their own section. But in the comments section, didn't you give the funky skull's species a name? Psycho Ghost, or something? Or am I just remembering things poorly?

As for todays page, I am diggin' the new insight into Kax's defection and the temples downfall.
Yeah, I actually feel bad for him now.
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, oh yeah.

I have no idea what's going on. Except I think the skull thing is really really bad. They either killed or disrupted something that is kind of controlling him or something? And now he's...coming control...maybe.

I have no doubt this will make sense eventually.