Comic 196 - All Fall Down
10th Mar 2013, 6:54 PM in Star
All Fall Down
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Dooo doot.
User comments:
He's not a full cyborg.

To be fair, the other cyborgs also survived, as you'll see in a few pages.
Nice work with the light! Especially panel 1.
Did the flowting skill thing explode in the third panel? Or is that its way to hide? I think it was missing sometimes we saw teach...
Hmmm I'm guessing number 23 and 16 are doing alright underground heheh.
Yay! :D I so want to see those two survive through the entire story. :P
You know, the movie version of this will never be this good. Not even Space Hollywood can do this scene justice.
Well, I'm impersonating JJ Abrams.

Not quiiiite enough lens flare, though, and the camera isn't shaking or cutting fast enough. Well, nobody's perfect.
I wonder who this Ashes is, and what he/she said ?
Sounds like a PM name too.
Betcha Ashes is the guy speaking through the floating skull.
Doesn't radiation this high imply that the entire city stops working? Is this an especially strong solar flare?
And I guess I am surprised that the soldiers are not at least somewhat hardened against radiation. Implies an EMP weapon would be super effective against Unity military.
The city could have an auto-off function to disable their less shielded electronics prior to solar flares. Seems likely if the star they orbit has them regularly, or if they're able to predict them.

I figured their suits were at least partially biological in nature, given their wide range of abilities and seemingly skin-tight fit. The suits die from the radiation burst and their inhabitants suffocate under the unaided heavy-mode; thus the "turning blue".