Comic 195 - Chekhov's Sun
8th Mar 2013, 8:44 PM in Star
Chekhov's Sun
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Anyone still remember the beginning of the chapter?
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Kinda obvious, had to ask oneself what Iri would have to counter Kax's orbital cannon, offcourse - fancy tech like that would be sensitive to the solar flares .. and then the follow up is that the ships might be quite sensitive to it too.

Kax might be out of a nice ship soon ?
Rut roh, all dat nonfunctioning techlolagy
Hmm, teach? As in he was Iri's Teacher? I had been getting the feeling that Iri didn't totally finish her training at the Temple.
Never thought they were teacher/student connected.
It's neat. :)
D: That is a shocking twist. He isn't also her father, is he? :P

I wonder why he turned to the Dark Side... Or why Iri didn't, I guess. :P
Iri is EEEEEvil ?!

Ayata will be shocked .. shocked I say!
Not sure about Iri being evil, but shes certainly on Iri's side. And fortunately for Ayata, Iri's side seems to be the one that is interested in helping her people.
Well, either that or she don't care about Ayata's people and she's just doing it to be a thorn in unity's side.

War can be funny like that, or as the old saying goes "War makes for strange bedfellows."
All surviving fans of Iri will now have the best story to tell in the history of fandoms, doubly so if any of them are close enough to see this in person.

"So it turns out Iridium Lake is even more of a badass in real life than in her films..."

Because... either she has a rather good sense of the dramatic... or it's just a Poison Monkey trait in general - somewhat in keeping with their sense of fashion. Either way I can see why she makes exceptional movie material even allowing them to use her exact recorded lines.
Yeah. Actually, there's a bunch written, but RPG manuals are much larger than you might think.
Oh, I can imagine just how large they can be. They may as well call them RPG tomes.
Surely Kax would have foreseen this or at least had done 30 seconds of research on this planet or at least had counter measures for this sort of thing
Not to defend a pulpy plot point, but no, he probably wouldn't have. He's basically a commando: he relies on C&C for his information.

This is made worse because he's a hunter. Hunters usually rely almost 100% on their foresight.
Someone fucked up big time down the line. Also is his foresight being clouded like Iri?
Sounds like C&C done fucked up big time, to not equip the ships, or at least prepare them for the flares.
This is gonna hurt!
So, to get things a bit straight. Iri realized that Kax (it had to be someone in space, as the other psycher said 'he was good at scanning') was casting shadows, so, knowing that Kax isn't really that good with shadows, and that hunters in general rely on their foresight, she just enlarged the shadows as much as she could, while having using her proper, normal knowledge of the planet to make it so that the solar flares would fuck him up at an appropriate time, knowing that Kax, while weak to probability shadoes, having cannons on his side and being pretty much built like a tank, would go after her anyway.
Pretty much, except that Iri's blue grease was before Kax arrived.
Now I'm wondering, who is causing the blue grease? I doubt Kax is strong enough to be causing that before he arrives.
Chekov's Blue Grease. ;)

Edit :
I wonder if there's a Chekov's Pacemaker too ?
What if Kax had some sort of implant that he needed to survive?
Pink... Bell-bottoms and loafers? How does she manage to still pull off being a bad ass in that outfit? But... somehow she does :)
Well, yeah. You can wear whatever you want to the party when you bring a canon that's A MILLION MILES WIDE! ;)
Isnt her sword also afected by the solarflare?
Her sword isn't technology, it's just a pink piece of ceramic. But it doesn't really matter - she doesn't plan on using it.
Aha. So it's really just an anchor or focus for the Psyker's power.
Could be a focus for their power too.

Ie. they might be able to make a Swordy Sword "blade" sprout out from their bare hands, but it would be weak without their focus.
I just now realised the title of this page is "Chekhov's Sun."

That is accurate and also very awesome. :D
I missed that too!
I do not know if that qualifies as a great or horrible pun, but I love it either way.
Who knows, maybe soon she'll have a chekovs Orbital Cannon too. :)
I like that she takes a full pause to stand up on the rail for dramatic effect! Hah
Anyone with a Will score below 18 who saw that just shit their pants.