Comic 194 - High Ground
7th Mar 2013, 11:52 PM in Star
High Ground
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I mentioned that pacing is tough. For example: should I have had another page of violence between this page and the last?

I dunno.
User comments:
Violence is fun, but advancing the plot is also very important.
I agree plot is good. :P hes already proven his point.
I notice Skullie has joined the party.
And I'm still curious who/what is causing the shadows over the entire planet.
I've also noticed something about his sword. I'm wondering if I'm right and what it will mean, but I don't want to spoil the surprise if I'm right. :)
Hmm, wouldn't a planet of this level of development and importance have a standing navy presence? And if not, why hasn't Skullie sent a fleet before now to take it over or destroy its industrial capacity?
Maybe you'll find out... tomorrow!

Although, realistically, they don't have a standing Navy. It's more like a coast guard. Any one interstellar battleship would outmass all of them.
Well, at this point, Unity doesn't seem to be in open war yet. Although since Iri mentioned a 'war party' before, the PMs are probably pushing for it.

Also, this planet seems to be pretty much as strategically important as a large scale Los Angeles would be. Lots of civilians, a movie industry, lots of money going around, but very little of practical military use.
Don't discount the value of a developed movie industry!

Propaganda doesn't make itself!
Oh Kax, have you learned nothing? If Iri is sitting still... You should RUN!
If running would help, Iri wouldn't have been able to set it up.
Star wars reference! Is Iri going to get an arm chopped off now?
"I have the high ground" Kax shouted looking up at Iri.

if you wanted to slow this page down then maybe a frame of observation, the dispatch of the sniper, and noticing Iri...but it works fine the way it is. The wonton destruction is obvious and still takes place.

I am not sure another entire page would have made much difference. Dragonball Z type of stories are the same as the uncle's shaggy dogs, but uncle has better punchlines.

Yeah, that's what the violence page would have been - him taking out the square and the sniper.
Funny thing about the high ground? It means you're in view of God and everyone.
I just realized if there is probability shadows how could Kax block bullets?
I think the pacing's good. Sometimes it's a lot more fun to see the violence and destruction implied by the aftermath, rather than shown frame by frame, and this also allows us to get to the big confrontation quicker. :)
Hmmm. Best move on with the plot in that case. Right now, we see Kax(?) as single minded and basically uninterested in anything but Iri and company.
Taking out the sniper breaks that character image and breaks the flow of the scene. Even throwing something becomes a personal action, one person individually hurting another. The only other two options are to toss something over his shoulder, which is a cliche or to yell at the sniper to knock it off which is a Loony Toons shtick (Bugs Bunny twice to Elmer Fud and Daffy once to Porky Pig that I can think of offhand). And even then, one looses the sense that the general is purposefully walking in a straight line toward Iri, local blues be buggered. Take a look at the the last panel on page 191. That's the image you want to convey. That sort of "you better move because the sword isn't" kind of thing is his character here. And so long as violence is maintained offscreen, that's fine.
That's kinda the way I justified it to myself, yeah.
I think the paceing is spoton, this way it does not take away from Iri's scene where she wades thru hundreds of evil minions kills the "Big Bad Boss", loses her clothes, and has a couple of gratuitous sex scenes. of cource not sure ehat you would do after those two pages hehe.
Hey, how did you know what I have planned for the next few chapters?
What are the shadows cloaking the planet? Who/what is the skull thing? Why hasn't this planet been conquered by Unity already if they've no standing military?

All of those are good qestions, but what I'd like to know is: what does that broad open space get used for when it isn't littered with ruined police tanks? Answer me that view! If that IS your real name!
Why doesn't Mississippi have its own space station? Why haven't they been conquered by Russia?