Comic 193 - Snipah
6th Mar 2013, 11:20 PM in Star
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Duuuude.. at this point its better to just give up. and do damage control. owch.
Yeesh... Hard to believe that an entire police force could have so much trouble with just three people.

...I think we just found the plot for the next big movie about Iri.
That much is clear. But you do need to understand that this is the still the initial response. The police aren't geared for this kind of situation.

The military is on their way, of course, but it takes a bit of time.
Three heavily augmented cyborgs in super armor and psychic agasnt people who usually deal with one or two thugs...
Wait, wait... Three people? Kax has an entire army with him, and orbital death-ray support from his ship!

... Though I'm sure he could probably keep this police force at bay by himself. :P

And to be fair, the police did successfully chase off the two genre-aware troopers once the gub-wielding baramik gave them a slight thrashing. :P
Wow Kax is tall. A low orbit ion cannon would be useful right about now
Yay for another swordy-sword moment of being good against bullets.

I have to admit, I like better how Kax handles it rather than Iri. This very calm business-talk while casually defending yourself from bullet just appeals to me. Not that Iri wasn't cool...
yeah, i thought it was something unusual when Iri blocked a bullet with her swordy sword, but Kax here makes it look easy.
Well, I am betting it *IS* Easy for Kax, but was almost accidental when Iri did it (hence the breakdown). Showing us another example of how their powers manifest differently.
Im thinking possibly his dermal armor would have taken the round anyway. (he did just toss a tank)
Well, a heavy round from a sniper rifle is a bit more dangerous than the small arms he can comfortably shrug off...
So, it wouldn't kill him, but it would hurt ?

"It's just a fleshwound!" :)
Yup! The bullet just disintegrates.

If you're not willing to accept "space magic", you may want to pick a comic not named "space pulp".

(Edit: That sounded harsher than intended...)
I wasn't trying to do a comeback... no comic appeals to everyone, and it's better to stop reading if you can't enjoy it.
"You can't please everyone", is a concept most comic artists have to learn the hardway, and early on.

Besides, the story is more likely to be good if the artists likes it himself - Noone wants to read a comic done by committee.
Kain Yusanagi
Hah! Love how Kax's swordy-sword looks. Much more serious looking, not that Iri's vibroblade (wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean) isn't neat itself. And the way he handles it... rawr!
Kax is being surprisingly nice in my opinion. People are delaying his task and yet, several of them have survived thus far. I'm curious when he will just say 'screw it, drop that asteroid we brought' or something along those lines.
Yeah, he's being pretty tame. He must have some reason he doesn't want to ash the city...
What .. you mean a reason like some floating skull mask asking him to not blow it up ?

Inconcievable !
Maybe he is a fan of the Iri movies and does not want to blow up Shark?
I've noticed that this comic does not have a tv tropes page yet, would anyone be willing to alleviate this?
'Never Mind The Gap' has a page, but I don't think 'Space Pulp' does yet. It'd be trope-tastic!
It does have the markings of fitting into a lot of tropes. :)