Comic 192 - Immunity
6th Mar 2013, 12:02 AM in Star
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Pacing is one of the hardest things in a webcomic, because it might be read one page per day, or all in a glut.

But don't worry, I'm not zooming away from the action. I'm just... PACING!
User comments:
We're pacing every day waiting for the next page. Keep up the good work View! 8)
Look at the Prime Ministers outfit. I just...damn haha. And holding on to Iri and her so very curvaceous rump there..
I'm not worried, I know from experience that your pacing is fine for both types of reading. And releasing your comic a page a day makes up for any possible pacing hiccup (though none actually come to mind). It is the authors that release comic pages once a week (or less!) that run into HUGE pacing issues. lol.
That's nice, but I have a lot of pacing issues. Most of my pacing issues stem from the fact that I don't have a script, just a bunch of important plot events. So it's easy to rush or delay overmuch.
Luckily, we don't get to see most of those pacing issues because you solve most of them before they ever hit the paper.

Besides, it's a free webcomic based around a pulp format ... there's a definite limit to what one can expect from something like this.

That said, I can safely assure you that the comic has so far delivered very nicely. :)
Iri too, probably .. but there's an angry Kax to be made fun of, and who can pass up an opportunity like that ? :)
Hey, just 'cause she's an elephant doesn't mean she's a guy!
That is a large woman...

I didn't catch it either due to the lack of any significant feminine characteristics besides the chest which could easily be mistaken for a fat dude.
Ha ha, yeah, that was a pretty funny comment .. though it does raise the question, how many actually died ?

It might be that the Unity soldiers go a little easy on them because they're police.

Then again, maybe not.
Well, Iri and the PM PM and the film company that makes Iri's films all asked the cops not to engage, but it's kind of an outrageous thing to ask.
Outrageous, huh ?

The policemen must have an awesome lifeinsurance then, if they still engages.
Well, either that, or a cracking wedding. :)
It occurs to me that space wizards of Iri's persuasion (future-sight stuff) could be a dick and be sure to ask someone for something in such a way that they'd refuse but you'd be covered later by having asked.

Not that I think that's happened here. Just a thought.
The last panel makes me curious just how much of the city is now burning, though I suppose that might become clearer next page. :P
So this is all according to plan then...
Out of curiosity, is that Kax's sword doing the number on that flyer?