Comic 191 - Lift and separate
5th Mar 2013, 12:06 AM in Star
Lift and separate
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I originally sketched in a background, but it didn't look as clear. So I got rid of the background.

The most annoying icon requested of me was of a ceph, some kind of alien from a game I never played. I'm no good at fanart, but I do know that one of the keys of fanart is picking out the elements of the character's design that stand out and making sure shine through in your fanart as well.

But the ceph don't have any distinguishing characteristics. Or, rather, all their characteristics are in their animations. Visually, they're black blobs with red LEDs. I tried a bunch of times and didn't get anything that even vaguely looked iconic enough that someone would go "that's a ceph!"

So, here, something nobody would ever mistake for a ceph:

User comments:
I really like this page nicely done View :D
( also i have no clue what a ceph is eather.. )
Also if requested would you do a avatar from another persons comic?
I wasn't sure if leaving the background out would work.

As to fanart icons, only if there's the understanding it'll look about as much like the original as that ceph.
I was wondering if you could do Cent comm from my comic. the pink haired andriod. :D shes in the cast page of my comic
YAY! looking forward to it! this means I have to do you some arts too :D
Here: image

Edit: Hm, it looks different on this screen. I bet I have some screen brightness errors.
*points excitedly at Centcomm's new avatar*

All these avatars you post make me want to request one too, but you're so busy with the comic that I don't want to bother you. I feel like your comic is enough of a gift. ^_^

...Also, my request would involve a demonic fennec fox and not a humanoid alien/creature. But mostly the first part.
I'm almost as good at animals as I am at mecha, so you may want to keep that in mind if you're going to make a request.
If swordy-swords are any indication, Garm Kax is maybe a better hunter than Iri; at least technically.
i dont think kax is going to rub it against his cheek and say,"swordy-sword i missed you <3" lovingly
That would be funny to see though
What are they actually called?
I think Swordy-swords is cool too . I really like "Rift-blade" too .. makes me curious how they work..
They could work by means of plasma contained in an electromagnetic field. I am not sure of any other way. Lasers..., maybe, if they are contained the same way.
No, it works by space magic. Literally. It works from the same principles that let Iri see the future.
I really need sleep, as now I'm imagining Kax lovingly polishing his swordy-sword and calling it Jennifer while his mooks stare on in shocked silence.
*snorts sodapop*

Oh god - The mental imagery of Kax "Polishing his swordy-sword" is just too much !

AAaand someone, somewhere, had probably already made a fanfic of that. :D
I'm hoping for a swordy-sword duel. :3
"There was a swordy-sword fiiight!"

Unloads sidearm into the air.
Obvious now! Tank was lightened and he was able to.. Crap, stating the obvious. Sheesh!! Sorry. Enjoying this one too. Still miss Cheer. (uncalled for plug LOL.)
Well, you can reread Cheer whenever you like, it's not gone.
Just wondering about your own avatar View, would you say its the rep. of yourself or is it inspired from something external?
For some reason, I'm thinking one rift blade won't stop another -- they'll just pass right through each other.
That would certainly make for an interesting dynamic to a rift blade duel. It would be more a test of your prediction abilites than your swordsplay. As with no ability to block, it would all come down to seeing the future and dodging, and anticipating.

Makes me wanna see one even more now.
Doesn't mean there isn't some kind of shield that can block the swords. I mean if they are just fields filled with plasma something could block or at least disrupt it
These aren't light sabers. Not plasma.

They're an area of space where everything passing through instantly jumps a tiny fraction of a millimeter to one side.
So it's more kinetic than thermal energy? Interesting.
More like a tiny portable wormhole that disconnects stuff.
I wonder if the hilt is actually needed for them to generate the rift, or it's more of a psychological thing or practical wielding thing.
I think it's time to blow this scene. Get everybody and their stuff together. Okay, three, two, one, let's jam.
Kain Yusanagi
I just realized that my birthday just passed not too long ago (the 23rd), so my avatar was like an early birthday present from View. Now it's even MORE special! <3
We're now the classiest mother lovers in this comments section thanks to these hats