Comic 190 - Drive
3rd Mar 2013, 8:19 PM in Star
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You are seeing power armor's much vaunted "heavy" mode, where they magically quintuple their mass. This makes them pretty much immune to small arms fire.

They'd be immune to these rubber bullets anyway, but in theory they might get knocked back if they didn't weigh so much.

Power armor also has a "light" mode, where the whole thing only weighs a few pounds, letting them move very rapidly and leap tall fences and shit. But getting hit in this mode will throw you around.

So, normally it's in normal mode, which is kind of a balanced mix.

User comments:
Question: do the soldiers feel the increased weight of the armor?
Well, it doesn't press down on their joints, but they can't really move when they're so heavy.
Sweet, I really like that concept! But while they're in heavy mode, they probably can't move too well, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword, it seems to me.
Yeah, it definitely makes them stationary. But they can slip in and out of it pretty rapidly.
You have me very curious given how much you've talked him up so far.
Just because someone is a monster, doesn't mean they can't have tricks up their sleeve. :)

Heck, if he have the brute force to move a suit while having his mass increased to a few extra tonnes, he would make an excellent ram to break down doors with!
Question: In what branch of the three of all species would Poison Monkeys and Sexy Frogs/Mini-Giraffes be located?
I can see "PM" included in the "Meaties" branch, are those the Poison Monkeys?.

I'm not sure if Akata's species should be in the "Aquatic" or the "Modern Combhead" branch.
Can I get a HiRes copy of the last Panel?
No, seriously, which panel are you talking about? The last panel is the one with the choppy leg and the blurry Kax. It really looks awful at this resolution, and it looks even worse at full resolution.
Is it possible to "hack" the suits so you can turn off armor mode or crank it up to eleven, making them effectively immobilized?
He was probably thinking of what Iri did to the weapons and the hovertanks in the flashback sequence.
Is kax a slabhead?
I think he is but I dont think it was stated in the comic
Slabhead is a very general term for a whole branch of species. So, yeah, he is.

But his species and Jagi's are generally not considered one of the "normal" slabheads. Sort of like how penguins are technically birds.
That tank has some pretty agile looking wheels. It looks like they can be splayed out and planted flat if needed? Do the wheels/tank use mass gain tech at all? Otherwise their current configuration would seem a little unstable.
Each wheel as well as each major armor section has its own independent mass shift system. It can actually jump, if need be.

By default the tank has a very low center of gravity.

The underside of the tank is normally configured such that the wheels can be largely tucked in, basically turning it into a truck with armored wheel covers. In practice, my patience with drawing mecha is very low.
A jumping tank! Damn, that mass gain stuff really does inspire some innovative technological leaps.
Interestingly, the idea of having a lot of weight in the wheels, is something that is used in radio controlled offroaders known as Rock Crawlers.

They can do some insane tricks with that.
I'm not sure why this page *specifically* makes me think of this, but this comic would make a really fun movie.

"If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it's not going to be fired, it shouldn't be hanging there."

I don't think the tank was around early enough to qualify really, but I can see how someone'd get there.
I know what a Chekhov's gun is, but the tank is just a set piece that was introduced in the same scene it's going to be used.

If you want Chekhov's gun, wait until the end of the chapter.
I knew it didn't really qualify, but it seemed irresistible! Here's a tank that we *know* can't do any good by firing, and the cops also know this, but it *has* to fire anyway... Because it must. :P Also, just the idea of a Chekhov's Gun being exaggerated into a Tank is amusing to my simple brain. :D
We've certainly seen Chekhov's couch, I wonder what else of Chekhov's there is.