Comic 188 - Confrontation
28th Feb 2013, 11:29 PM in Star
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Author Notes:
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I know I shouldn't talk this way about my own work, but as a warning: if you're sensitive to epic, the remainder of this chapter may cause spontaneous chest hair growth.
User comments:
"Spontaneous chest hair growth"? Shoot. Not the best time to be a girl.
My word! Are special glasses required? I think I still have the 3D movie glasses I use to make fun of hipsters around here somewhere...
Being a doggy, more chest hair isn't so much of an issue.

The static buildup that comes from dragging it over the carpet however. :(
Is Kax holding the Space Pulp universe's equivalent of the 'noisy cricket' from Men in Black?
Hmmm... Is a laser designator simpler? Maybe, a detonator? Radio? Lol. Anyway, looking forward to the epicness. Don't think I need anymore chest hair though. :)
that looks like a swordy-sword in kax's right hand
sword fight with iri?
hence the epic chest hair growth view spoke about.
I think it's a detonator. His troops have been on the ground long enough to place bombs before showing themselves.
Can I transfer the hair growth to my face? My beard is patchy when it get thicker.

Also I prefer the noisy cricket theory. Or maybe it is a detonator and won't work!
You can only put chest hair on your face if you can read the rest of the chapter with your nipples.
Don't think the cops are as prepared as the thought...
I'm putting my vote in for a laser designator for an orbital missile. Doubt even Swordy-sword can handle that one.
Guy does have balls to threaten the city with a tank aiming at them, or he is just plain stupid. God I wish the shooter in that tank would fire the cannon. It would so easy.
Yeeeeeeah, but then the story ends there. Pretty anti-climatically, too, and view ain't gonna have NONE OF THAT SHIT.

Speaking of the tank, anyone else getting a Bonaparte vibe off its design?
He can see the future. Do you really think he'd be standing there if he was in danger?
I just really really really REALLY LOVE this page's colors.
Get some wireless internet and you can read the epicness even when out of town. :)