Comic 187 - Barricade
28th Feb 2013, 1:17 AM in Star
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Well, looks like CF went down for a few hours, there.

Can't complain, it's the best free service I've ever gotten.
User comments:
Civic gravity at your service!
I'm assuming the controls are on the defenders side.
Well, we know guns can be programmed to only be used by approved users, I'm guessing the barrier controls could have something similar.
Ahh, we see practical Mass-Gain tech in action!

Pocky approves!

Pocky is my Pocket Bat.
Will we see any of that mass gain tech used for crowd suppression by any chance?

Wink wink nudge nudge
They could have least made it to not cost tax payers money to fix the road...
There will always be some losses when there's a riot / disturbance. And a bit of tarmac is probably pretty low on that list.
Do those barricades use gravity or "practical Mass-Gain tech?"
So it can't be used to make any Unity troopers on the other side suddenly weigh a ton? D:
Are those upper parts some kind of amoeba-like adaptive glass? It looks like it could possibly form holes where ever guns need to gun. P1 doesn't have an opening on the left side, but the new barricade in p5 has an arch that looks like it would connect with the other one. On purpose or accident?
Nah, just bulletproof glass. The holes are there to let the cops fire out if they need to.
There is a star/pentagram on a shield, It's Defensive WITCHCRAFT I TELLS YA!
Does that mass gain technology work in reverse?
Like could it make a large object lighter?
I think we're already seeing that in action in the first two panels -- that's why the cop can nudge the big heavy-looking metal barrier into place with one foot.
True but what if thats its regular weight?
I am wondering if you take something as large as a space ship and make it as light as a feather.
Yes, it is quite possible to have an "object" Gain or Shed Mass. This can be on a smaller scale, such as a personal transport vehicle or a riot barrier, or on a much larger scale, such as a spaceship, or even an entire space station.
We were given a brief introduction to this on Page 72.
How do you think they land and take off from planets?
Somewhere beyooond the barricades
Is there a world you looong to see...

If the Unity force is seen as a bunch of invaders, is the Space Federation going to send a defence fleet to engage the Unity ship?
*pokes comicfury*

oohh .. it' still up. :)
What happened there ?