Comic 184 - Undergound
24th Feb 2013, 7:54 PM in Star
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Author Notes:
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Someone asked for an avatar. He said Ayata's species, which is generally a pretty feminine, skinny species, so I presume he wants to look like a green Sephiroth or something.


It's also possible I do not understand him!
User comments:
That's a pretty bad ass looking Avatar.
Bad ass beyond what I previously thought possible for their species.
Maybe it's the eyes and scar.
Pssh you took the words right out of my mouth. I like Ayata and her whole species even more now!
Also I just checked out that RPG thing you got going so far. That's sounding interesting and awesome. When you make a comic universe you sure know how to expand on it!
Yes, just tell me what you want.

It only shows up if you have an actual account, BTW.
I couldn't figure out how to login button on these pages >_<


I want....

Next, like he's seeing Iri naked for the first time. (just a face)
Cool, thanks.

and now, since we know you take random request: How about another chapter of Cheer?
Sure, if I can fit it all into a 125x125 pixel image.
Well, if you manage all that, you could probably also add in some tractor dancing .. just for the heck of it.

... no, I'm not requesting anything, I'm just in the weird parts of youtube right now and had to share that particular piece of weirdness with someone. XD
Nah, they got through first. I had hoped that was clear.
Mwahahah! Now I have a view avatar! Which had to have been done in record time, seriously, Christ. Lightning fingers.

That being said, love the tattoos on the head. . . flap. Also, the sound that subway trains make speeding by will forever, in my mind anyway, be "NYARRRrrrr"
Gotta say, you got yourself a badass avatar there. :)

The first mini-giraffe that looks like he/she could possibly be evil and dangerous.
The last panel reminded me of something, so I made something :)
I too would like an avatar. Something...poisonous would be nice. Use my profile information for inspiration if you like. "Cynicism serves well. It is a natural defense against fools and idiots intended to do nothing more than protect and amuse you. Expect nothing. Pity everything. Live in bliss."
Could you request something specific? "Draw whatever after reading my mind" is too tough an assignment.
A poison monkey with an haughty or sardonic smile maybe? Although I'd rather have something that you like more than something I think I might like if you understand what I mean. (You artist, me damn fool political scientist.) I'd happily accept a pink pony if that's what you felt inspired to produce.
-P.S. please don't draw me a pink pony.
A political scientist asking for something poisonous ?
Pretty ironic. :D

Maybe a PM lawyer ?
After further thoughs, maybe not .. that could be TOO scary.
That Avatar looks COOL, altrough it remindes me of a cobra for some reason.
OMFG ... why did I never think of that ?
The Mini-Giraffes could totally ber super-poisonous, and that could be how they fight...
*Smacks Forehead*
Damnit, I never noticed it either. You would think when they were compared to frogs something might twig, but nope! It is probably because the only one we see is Ayata, and she is too cute to associate with snakes. But now with this fresh bad-ass example, ya, I can totally see the snake simliarity. And it honestly makes more sense than giraffes or frogs. Plus, 'Sexy Snakes' has a nice ring to it.
I wonder if it's a poison the PM's would enjoy or just one that would kill them...
If Pinkie is not too much of an anomaly, the fact he pretty much shrugged off a DOUBLE dose of lethal engineered neurotoxin, makes me think that poison monkeys live up to their name. So, a naturally occurring venom would seem no big deal, no matter how strong.

I bet an acid could work though...
I will just leave this here...