Comic 183 - Crash
22nd Feb 2013, 10:38 PM in Star
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I guess I should mention this: if you're going to whine, at least have the balls to have an account. I basically dismiss anything anons say.
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"On the half-shell!"

No liquid, must be projection screens...
Good work with the broken screen look top panel. Irealy like the distortion effect.

The shardes on bottem do not look like glass, more like a carbon based synthetic?
Well, this is looking like a long night for the janitor.
He probably have a nice giant vacum cleaner on wheels ... that'll be done with quickly ... getting a new screen though, that might be difficult.
Huh... I mean, I guessed it was a screen, but that was wild speculation. I admit I am very surprised. lol.

Still, this is one of those times that full body armour comes in REALLY handy. Otherwise they would likely be a bleeding pile of shredded flesh.
I have to admit, I did not guess it was a screen.
But it's neat, after all it does solve all the safety hazards that having hundreds of thousands of gallens of water could impose.
Is that just generally dismissive or dismissive of just whining?
Either way, I think I've read this for long enough to bother with an account so my whining can be more deliberately dismissed.
Well, if you stick to one name it's not so bad, but in general I'm pretty irritable these days.
Well, that sucks. Anything we can do to cheer you up?
*Thinks for a second, takes of nitpick hat and throws in the bottom of a drawer*
i'm sorry View, but i think i will not make an account. i prefer to remain semi-anonymous.
did i not remain named for long enough to warrant consideration? i mean, i know i don't post much. or at all if i don't have anything important to say. but i've been here a while and that comment kinda stung.
It's aimed at whoever the idiot is who thinks it's funny to post snarky and whiny comments anonymously. There's been one on basically every page.

It's not funny, it's boring and childish.

I don't think you ever have been. At least not as "pancake".
You have a funny nose.

Dictated but not read

Dang, those guys are pretty lucky to be alive.

i wonder if Kax saw that in the future he read ?
That actually makes me wonder, can he see the future of others, or would he only see the future how it was if he went to some place and acquired the information personally?

With the whole couch thing with Iri, it's likely they can directly see the future of other people, otherwise she would have to have seen a future where she was there to witness Pinkie being thrown on the spot the moved the couch to.

I hope I make sense.
I think he saw a muddied future because even a weak psycher muddies what is seen.

I suspect Iri is a much more powerful psycher than Kax

It's not necesarily about power, but more about clarity, and probably also about experience and training as well, of which Iri has a lot.

Sort of like how if two equally powerful people were fighting in an almost dark room, the one with the better night vision has an advantage, but the other may still win if he has trained a lot in contact-reaction combat, or gets a lucky hit in.

Don't get me wrong, I do think Iri is probably a very strong psycher, but it might not be her main strength/advantage.
As you'll see soon, they have very different strengths. Iri's not really very well suited to being a hunter.
That explains her tendency to leave a trail of destruction. A better hunter would probably be able to keep things tidier with respect to killing and blowing things up.
So .. she's not really suited to be a hunter, and she's the most famous hunter alive ?

That's pretty paradoxial. :D

Looking forward to lean more about the powers though. :)
It is not paradoxial if hunters are supposed to be secret. MAybe if you are a famous hunter, you have already failed. :)
It's probably more akin to 'a car with a person with good vision fights a tank with a person that's somewhat shortsighted'. The first person can see better, but it's still fighting a tank.
I think it's more like a person who can swim fighting against a slabhead who can't.
I just want to anonymously say that I love your work. Don't let the turkeys get you down!
Hah, they thought he was a criminal, when in fact he's probably one of the wealthiest people visiting that mall.

Hilarious. :D
I'm back, if anyone cares. I didn't go anywhere fun. I didn't go anywhere.

Shark is badass, and I like a resistance movement that has sexs all over the place.

That's it.
Lies - You went somewhere!
I'm sure of it!

Welcome back though. :)
Thanks but nah really, it sucked. I almost got a job but then I didn't. Then I remembered I hadn't been here for ages so I PANICKED and caught up with all the comics I was behind on.

I left right as Shark was introduced and I now have come to realize that was an awful time to space out. GOOD STUFF HAS BEEN HAPPENING. EVEN JAGI GOT SOME, which by the way that whole sequence was excellent. I love the Poison Monkeys! YOU JUST WANT TO BE ONE!

And view I can say, having been completely away from this stuff for a good while, your coloring is getting better. Shading and stuff especially.
Kain Yusanagi
Welcome back Jasper. Was wondering where you had gone to.

View: Really like the pixellation distortion effect on the screens. Gotta admit, completely wasn't expecting them to just be screens, but in hindsight it seems also completely obvious as well. Nicely done.
Like, omg, it was like .. totally awesome, for realsies!

/blonde moment
AWW. YOU ALL ARE SO NICE THANK YOU. All I can say is I keep hearing this in my head

And I saw that bullet get blocked. Or more like "Swordy Sword was in good place in good time holy crap I'm not dead my head is still intact"
Oh! I did that walk, once. Sheesh, that was a bad idea.
OMG - Space Pulp is being drawn by John Travolta ! XD