Comic 182 - Rescuer
21st Feb 2013, 11:19 PM in Star
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Author Notes:
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At least one person guessed this might be what happens. BUT I kinda lied about it being the only one that was right.
User comments:
That may be one of the nicest things Iri's ever written.

But I get the impression that there's more to come...
Indeed, Kax probably won't give up that easy.

As for the genre-savy redshirts .. well, they were redshirts after all, they'll probably be out for the count. For now at least.

Offcourse, a big angry elephant man psycher is not something you want to fight under any circumstances.
HA! Love Ayatas expressions in the last two panels.

Oooo, and those are some cool little dexterity rings.
Is that a police station on the right in the top panel? B-)
OoOohhh, I kinda guessed it a little bit, except he didn't try to avoid them .. at all. XD
Also, he doesn't seem too fond of their gun in panel 2. Poor gun, it lived a short life.

And then there's that bit about the police station that someone else was guessing at .. hmm

On the bright side, he seems to have a soft spot for Ayata - And who can blame him ? :)

I seem to remember that the last time the two met, we had many theories about them too. XD

Heck, there was even some Pinkie//Ayata shipping by someone - It was a busy section!

Still wondering if he's a gubbernment employee.
What exactlly happens in Panel 2, esp. around the big guys right shoulder?
I am wondering about what is over his shoulder too. Looks like ships?
From what I can tell it's most likely one of the soldiers guns in the middle of smashing to a million pieces. Not certain though.
OH! I see it now. There is the buttstock, and the pistolgrip, and the barrel is what is getting busted up.
*Puts nitpick hat on*
With that being the case, the sky should be visible in the centre of the hollow buttstock.
I love Ayata's expression in the last panel.
I just noticed how you have the top panel taking up the whole page, with the bottom panels overlayed on top of it. I like it!
Actually, if he had only done the first panel as an entire page, and made the rest into a seperate page, it would have looked like it was Ayata that had punched the two redshirts into kingdom come. :D
Very expressive page.

Pleasure at receiving, disappointment too.

Tha lack of wihite in the big guys eyes in panel 2+3 makes his face seem les 3d for me.(and it looks plain odd)