Comic 18 - Silver Strips
31st Jul 2012, 10:20 PM in Crash
Silver Strips
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New stuff* certainly seems effective.

*(Whatever it is...)
I second that. Especially the little added touch of the glow off the paper shreds.

You seem to be having a lot of fun playing with light (sources/shadows/insensity), in addition to your stated goal of practising colour. An endeavour I wholeheartedly encourage, and am greatly enjoying.
I look forward to when you get all pro at coloring. I think it looks pretty good right now so this will be interesting to go back and look at when you achieve master status.

The alien facial expressions also are already awesome. Even the kinda limited ones for the whale admiral made me giggle. And I like the long eyebrows or brow lines on Ayeta here.
Heh, coloring flat surfaces so they look like they are in perspective is hard.

You'll have much fun with that, I'm sure. :D
They say travel broadens the mind...

Considerably more implied than said today. Very nicely subtle!
Your's, Ayeta's, or both? :D

My mind is not blown quite yet, but my interest is very much piqued.
Hers. My mind already asploded long ago, which sucks because I've found myself busy with menial, thought intensive work all of a sudden. My brain hurts at the end of the day
I like how the glowy silver strips in the last panel look a bit like dandelion seeds, floating upon the winds of the cosmos...

... Maybe that's just memories of CivIII talking, though. The space race victory was the only one I could ever get. >_>

But why is this revelation of the distant past so shocking? D:

And might this mean there was one space-faring ancestor race from which all the aliens descend? If so, might it have been humans, with the story set somewhere in our distant evolutionary future? Perhaps at some point in the comic we're going to stumble on an ancient temple, within it a vine-covered statue of Miwa reaching for the stars with an evil grin on her face... :P
this whole scene....makes me go "...what are they talking about and why is she so *LE GASP!*
It goes back to the common ancestor view mentioned in the comments a page or so back and I'm sure will be addressed in the story at some point. She doesn't know about the link here so, surprise.
View, loving the new comic... but I feel left out... Could you make me one of those spiffy new colorized avatars that I can use all over the intarwebs?
You got the very first colorized avatar!

If you want me to add tint to the robot face, I can do that. It won't be terribly impressive, though. If you want a new icon entirely, let me know what kind of alien you want to be.
View, please just surprise me... if you can fit the red fedora in, that's a bonus!

edit: I guess this is the first time I can ever call


Yugh, I hate it when people tell me to do whatever I want. What I want to draw is naked ladies, but I don't think that's what you want in an avatar.

hmmm... naked ladies with red fedoras... hmmm... I'll buy 3 copies of that calendar when it's done!!!

how about, some ground rules.
a character from your new comic, preferably female, with SOME clothing on, and a red fedora.
of your favorite race
Now that is a question I have asked myself. Is View a woman or a man? Eh, who cares.
I nominate Rear Admiral Mereis with a red fedora for kill3st's new avatar. She could be naked too, or perhaps with a couple of strategically placed strands of seaweed... gloob gloob a dloob!
View, if you want to draw naked ladies go ahead. I guarantee no one here will complain. If you ever just get the uncontrollable urge to draw naked ladies for God's sake go ahead and do it! Just put them up somewhere so I at least can see them. Even basic sketches, avatars. Whatever!

That's of my wants out of life. To have people solicit me with nudie drawings every now and then for critiques or just cuz they doodled them. It would be the best morale booster. I'd be feeling down and suddenly "Here's a naked lady I crafted, figured you'd like it too".

Ok, I'll have to throw my support behind nekkid ladies too then. :)
How many space faring species do you think you're gonna have? Also did anyone in the galaxy develop nano assemblies or quantum data storage?
So pretty much most species we will see have been spacefaring at one point or another for quite some time?
@view RE: Naked ladies; When you get enough species represented, you could do your own version of this classic as a wall paper or even in the plot!
Who are you trying to kid? There is clearly a GUY in that painting.
That's ok, you can turn him into a woman too!


It'll be brilliant. :)
I've been out and about a lot, but I have to sit down for a minute and say, I'm really enjoying color. It's looking really good. I like the creative use of cells, too.
Best expressions ever. Ayata looks utterly gobsmacked here.