Comic 179 - Subway
18th Feb 2013, 11:22 PM in Star
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Playin' with light.
User comments:
you did a really good job with the contrast between light and darkness here
I agree completely. More specifically, I really like the subtle bloom effect around the openings in the walls. In fact both panels feel very 'photography'. Not photorealitic mind you, but... hmmmm... what is a good term? Natural, perhaps? Yea, natural. The lighting effects the scene in what appears to be a very natural way. With that said, the flat colour rails in the first panel are a little distracting.
It's all a matter of learning what shortcuts people notice, and what shortcuts they don't.

Obviously, I don't have time to paint it without taking shortcuts.
The scene changed.


For partial subterranean that is something. The light makes it feel like a number of train stations I have been through.
I do like the little differences between spacers and lubbers, like the space usage and clothing ethics.
This is a bit of an odd question. But does anyone know of any good finished webcomics? I have come across dozens and dozens of abandoned comics, and I am currently reading many ongoing comics. But it is nice, now and then, to go and read something with a completed story. The only ones I know of off hand are Ctrl-Alt-Del (the comic itself is still ongoing but the 'story' has finished), and Never Mind the Gap (plus Views shorter HF comics).
"Wigu" springs to mind. It's been awhile but I remember liking it when I read it.
Kain Yusanagi
Bob And George, if you don't mind sprite comics and lame (but still funny!) humor.

View: Agreed on the lighting. Very nicely done.
Yokohama Shopping Trip. Not really a webcomic, but available on the web.
Just finished reading it. It was very sweet and I loved the characters. I was a little disappointed by some lingering questions at the end, but overall I really enjoyed it.

Did NMtG draw any inspiration from this series?
Is that the two genre-savvy Unity troopers hanging safely at the very back? :P
Heh, it just might be ... and if it is, good to see them still being survivors instead of being lemmings like the rest.

I wonder if Kax has noticed them hanging back so much ?