Comic 178 - Assignments 2
18th Feb 2013, 12:52 AM in Star
Assignments 2
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Tomorrow: mud!
User comments:
could Iri and Next be any more into exhibitionism?

I get a really creepy cougar and prey vibe off of them sometimes...this is a good example.

Still got to say good page View.
Mmmm, to be an exhibitionist, you have to get off on other people seeing you, don't you? I get the feeling Iri just doesn't care that anyone is watching, as opposed to outright enjoying the attention. Next I am not so sure about.
good point...but then again Iri does play it cool a lot...maybe she is secretly enjoying it? or like you said could give a fuck?

also look at Next's face in the last panel....i know that face...exhibitionism big time....normally see it on the female but i guess it hard to be a top when your dating a living god.
I am inclined to agree with you about his expression in the last panel. But it could also simply be them sharing an in joke (perhaps at the expense of dragon?) Or other similar couples talk.

Rythm Riot on the other hand, I would be inclined to call an exhibitionist. Iri just threw on a robe, Next is lazy and simply buck naked, but Riot took the time to insert a matching set of nipple rings and chain, and put on a gauzy outfit to show em' off... Plus public sex in the smoking room. Speaking of which, Iri and Next could have done the same thing back on board the ship, but instead retired back to Next's room on board. And it was not for comfort, as they ended up doing it on the floor anyway.
pubic druged up lets find a room quick and fuck sex...yes.
I have no idea what led up to them being in there, but I would still call it public sex. There is only one smoking lounge (per floor I am guessing?). That several other members of their team are quite likely to use at any given time. It's not like a supply closet that only a janitor would use. It is a similar situation to students doing it in a classroom after school in a manga. While there may not be anyone else visibly watching, danger of getting caught excites an exhibitionist.

Well, not to put too much of a damper on the theory, but they wanted to smoke something a bit stronger than the normal cigs, and they can only smoke in the smoking room.
Ooooh! That's what he meant by 'high as a kite'. I figured he was talking about his pain meds.
Yeah! Back to her dull workaday reality of being a major movie star. What a let down!
Guess being part of a threesome involving a famous intergalactic hero and the Prime Minister, will make even her job seem dull.
The universe as they know it could end, and Next, for the next couple of minutes, most likely would'nt give two shits about it.
I might grab shark and iri and just toss em both on the table. Don't know how Next feels about shark thoug.
i will be honest, i think im a pretty good dom but if i tried anything on those two my organs would decorate the room before i could finish saying g the phrase "put on the collar and hand me your leash."
huh .. no body guard and it wouldn't be safe ?
She might be using the letter to keep Ayata away from danger ?

Edit :
Just noticed that Dragon King ate all his food, and Shark ate nothing. Bad Shark, you need food for your boobies !
And another fistbump. $5 says I'll be giving you more then a handful of fistbumps.