Comic 176 - Smoking ban
14th Feb 2013, 11:42 PM in Star
Smoking ban
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Apparently, a lot of webcomic artists are "celebrating" val-day with naked pictures of their characters. But most of them are just voting incentives... what a self-serving "extra". I don't like it.

My characters are naked a lot, so I guess I don't have a val-day thing. OR DO I?

(Those pages didn't come anywhere near making it into the chapter, but I felt like inking them.)
User comments:
Now I kinda want to try it out ... just need a blender and some eggs.
I'm rather amused that Next and Iri are walking around naked. Sure we've seen other aliens do so but it doesn't seem as popular for PMs. Either way it's amusing to me. Also is Shark a fling or a possible addition to their circle? Because Next would be super lucky to have movie Iri and real Iri dating him haha. Luckiest PM PM I bet!
*Reads Views author message*
Oh? What could this be? I mean how much more porny could it get...
*After looking at the gratuitous beer sex page*
Guh... Buh? Gubbleh kerfluffle... *Drool*
Beer Deepthroating ... it's an important skill to learn if you want to be an actor, it seems. :)
Well...that is strangely hot for some reason.

Though. View does draw a very good face blush.
Not sure why you find it strangely hot. But I certainly agree on the hot part. Sometimes I really wish I could get annoyed at View a bit for all this smoking, but damn it, it just fits the characters too damn well, and is integrated so nicely that there is absolutely nothing I can nitpick.
Iv done something like that before but with wine, and it not coming out the girls nose. And yes, it is very hot.
Today's updates got 2 really good "daaaaaaaaaaaamn"s out of me. I'm not sure which was hotter. At this very second, I'm inclined to say smoke, but that's liable to change.
I was half expecting the cigarette to explode or burst into flame in Iri's face, but I guess the cabin atmosphere must be well blended with an inert gas.
Kain Yusanagi
From what I can infer from their actions (plus previous information about them being specifically radioactive smokes) the cigs are more intended for them to smoke along the same reasons why we use tanks of air when going into low-oxygen environments; it releases trace elements to suppliment the air they breathe to render it closer to their natural environment.

I'm guessing, of course, on them being something special because current cancer-sticks already have plenty of polonium-210 to irradiate us on a constant basis (two packs a day is like getting an x-ray daily; more is even worse) in real life, and one would assume that by this point in time that technologically, cigs and the like would be generally cleaned up by most species who use them and aren't technologically in the dark ages, comparatively (see: Ayata's race).

Feel free to correct me (And no, I don't have a hate-on for smokers, peeps; just the companies that make them with malicious intent, holding back information like that from the public and -not removing the radioactive content like they knew they could- because they didn't want to mess with the addictive nature of the things. That's what repulses me.) on this point, View; whether I'm way off base or if they just tend to a habit of smoking cigs as a race or whatnot.

Also, love the valentine's day image. Very erotic, though almost wishing that Shark'd still have the shirt on, for that wet t-shirt look at the end ;D
Considering the drone told Iri that white stix is bad for her all the way back when she was being held in a cell by Unity, I don't think that whitestix have been "cleaned" for anything at all.

And they're probably pretty addictive too.

Why they smoke them to begin with, on the other hand, is still a mystery, I don't think View have mentioned anything about them yet.
Kain Yusanagi
That's what I said- that they're specifically bad, which any intoxicant/depressant/stimulant wouldn't generally be in a technologically advanced society unless it was for a reason- Black market/skeevy corp drugs to keep their users addicted, for example- Or because of a physical dependancy based on ancestry, which is the lines upon which I'm theorizing. Their homeworld likely has an atmo that is relatively unique- thus why they're the Poison Monkeys- where breathing their atmosphere is like poison for everyone else/ PMs can breathe atmosphere that's poison to everyone else. White stix are probably concentrated chemical sticks meant to diffuse the required chemical composition they need in a time lapse; But just because you can breathe poison and radiation doesn't mean that it doesn't have deleterious effects either- ever seen what constant exposure to alpha particles does to flesh? Not pretty.

Anyways, this is just a theory- For all we know, View just put it in because he likes to smoke, or wanted a race of smoking badasses, or wanted to use the trope that smoking is cool, or any combination of them. But it'd be neat to see how on or off base I am with my theory.
Kain is 100% right.

By the way, the page is going to be very late.