Comic 175 - Breakfast
14th Feb 2013, 1:33 AM in Star
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DUN DUN DUN, a true challenge to our heroine! She's under contract to neither gain nor lose weight, how will she deal with this well-meaning torpedo to her career?

Oh! She's chosen to use her Iridium "flashy sword spin" on her fork! But will distraction pay off? Tune in tomorrow to find out!
User comments:
Poison monkey's have odd natural hair colors...
on the same line....did he shave his head? r is that not the same guy who got rejected from all of the sexy time last night.
Sorry, you were too fast. I left the bald version up for about two minutes.
Ah! Do you have the original!? Tell me you do!

I want to see the baldness!
Undead H3r3tic
I hope they invented some sort of material that prevents your butt from sticking to the chair.
Kain Yusanagi
Oh god, the sticky! >.< Also, considering the shirt, would it be incorrect to call them sweater-kitties? :P
Prettiest trio, huh ?
Her face and her breasts = the trio ?

Also, he totally wants some of that. XD
I have to say, DK is not what I was expecting him to be. That's okay. The lack of correctness in my predictions does nothing to diminish enjoying who he actually is. Maybe I should have seen it coming though. There's always that one character that looks much more suave than he/she actually is.
I know a couple drummers, and a few people good at slight-of-hand who do that with anything similar in size and shape to a drumstick, including writing implements and flatware. They are either rolling it around on the thumb knuckle or around a fingertip or thumb tip.

I am not sure how they get it to stay either because gravity would seem to not be on their side.
You guys are wondering about how she does the fork trick, whereas I am imagining what those dexterous hands were up last night...