Comic 174 - Morning
12th Feb 2013, 9:30 PM in Star
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I hope it is clear some time has passed.
User comments:
Looks like everyone had a wild night.

Question: is it ever tricky to draw Jagi? Like right now, you can't see his arm. For a second it looked like the fork was just floating. Also, do the characters see him as a pitch-black featureless mass like we do?
They see him as pitch-black as we do.

When I draw Jagi, I often put in something specifically like the "floating fork" to kind of poke fun at the concept of a pitch black character.
So they see him pitch black too? Makes me wonder about his actual physical features.
He simply has a Black body. ;-)
Ya, he is certainly feeling it this morning. Hope it was worth it. :)
Kain Yusanagi
He's there in the previous comic as well; But since they aren't interacting with him, he's just standing there in the one panel, and then is never on panel again; easy enough to miss. This said, the fact he's all one colour, even his clothes, makes me think he's some kinda robot.

Also, love the negligee of Riot's, and the cat shirt of Shark's. Far too many prudes would have people get up and put on uncomfortable outfits before even having breakfast, which just feels unnatural- especially in the context of a spaceship, where privacy is minimal just due to the closeness of it all. Once again, you've made a scene feel right just by characters feeling alive, View.
like the coloring on Riot's choice of clothing. Is it bad I noticed the transparency because of her purple pubic hair. I like saying that. Purple Pubes. And is that some nipple rings with a chain hanging between them?
Mmmm, space-grits. The breakfast of champion sexyfrogs.

That hung-over-cat shirt is adorable, and strangely appropriate.
I can't get rid of the suspicion that the shirt is actually just really washed down Iri's shirt from page 54 and on...
actually in pages 51 through 70. I'll have to register on here, been following you from NMtG...
I wonder where the Jagina is this morning? Just out of frame on the other side of Jagi perhaps? Or still in bed? BTW does she even have an official name, or is she just LuckyJagiFan01?
Long time follower, quick question though: does that window sill double as a cook top? If so, dope.
Well, there's a ledge coming off of the window. It's a multipurpose kitchen prep area - everything is driven by the powered surface, so there's no need to separate it into cooktop, chopping board, plugs, etc.